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5 Simple Ways I Unplug Myself from Technology

June 27, 2021
ruth dela cruz

We live in a smarter world where we use technology to make things done for us. However, we unknowingly get stressed, and feel the anxiety because of the different stimulations – from alarms, social media notifications, or sale alerts.

People forget how to really connect, and our behaviors and social etiquette have changed. Unplugging from social media and technology helps us remove unhealthy negative feelings like jealousy, envy and fear of missing out. Body image, vacations, and number of likes may present as an opportunity for envy.

I always go for simple and slow living. I make sure that I unplug from technology (especially social media) to find peace and balance in my life.

Sharing with you 5 simple ways I unplug myself from technology.

  1. Do one day digital detox. When you can access the world with just a phone in your hand, it is easy to get distracted with everything that you can do online. It gets overwhelming at times. I usually do a one day digital detox on a weekend. I do it by not checking my social media, interacting online, or posting anything. It helps me be more in the moment in my life. Since my main work is mostly digital / social media, this also helps me more excited to work after my digital detox.
  2. Reconnect with my old hobbies. I love reconnecting with my old hobbies and re-discovering my growth as an individual and enthusiast. It is ironic to think that I had more time before to read books, make accessories, and try new things. I recently re-connected with my love for writing in longhand, and wax sealed my letters. The experience made me enjoy my favorite things, and connect with friends through snail mail.
  3. Enjoy my favorite things. This is not to sound materialistic, but I still find joy from things. I try to keep the things I own in minimal amount. This is to ensure that I have time to enjoy all of them. It can be as simple as a cappuccino cup, favorite shirts, or an old watch that I haven’t worn for years. I hope you find time to enjoy your favorite things, too.
  4. Daydream. We should never stop dreaming. I am happy with the peace and quiet in my life now, yet I still allow myself to dream. I am practicing myself in dreaming bigger and believing in the power of Law of Attraction (because, what Ruth wants, Ruth gets 😉). Although living in another country is not in my current goals; I still aim to travel and see more of the world. For those who are planning to live in another country and migrate to Canada, you can check out Banff Homes for Sale.
  5. Enjoy the walk outside. Recently, I have been spending more time outside because of important commitments. In between, I take the time to enjoy my surroundings (and appreciate the improvements in our city). I enjoy looking at trees, city lights, and even architectural designs of old buildings.

I hope you find this post helpful. I am dedicated to providing more meaningful content in this blog.

Comment below and share the ways on how you unplug from technology.

  1. Laking help sa mental health ang social media detox.
    Ginagawa ko din yan, sa isang araw nag-seset na lang ako ng time kung kelan ako sisilip sa social media sites, nag turn off din ako ng mga ibang notifications para hindi ako matempt sumilip hehehe. Kasi before lagi ko hawak phone ko, natanong ako ng daughter ng “cellphone o ako” hahahaha. Na-guilty naman ako. Kaya now hindi na siguro aabot ng one hour pag pinagsama sama mo ang time na hinawakan ko ang phone ko sa isang araw.

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