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Current Fave Minimal Things: Enjoying Favorite Things Everyday

June 17, 2021
Current Fave Minimal Decor

I have a new definition to add to what life means to me, it is taking my time, and enjoying my favorite things everyday.

I am still in this wonderful journey of minimalism, and only keeping things I love. I have freed myself from wanting to own things, and this gives me more space to enjoy the things I have. I think, this is also my way of helping lessen impact on the earth.

Although I love spending money on experiences – like a good meal, or travel (which I haven’t done for years now because of the pandemic), I still allow myself to buy things I really like – something that inspires me, or will add value to my life (everyday). And I am more willing to pay more for things that would last for years.

Sharing with you some of my current favorite things – old and new.

Woman Body Candle. I try to keep minimal display or decor in my room. But I guess I won’t be lighting this one. I still have a couple of scented candles I keep (and save because of my favorite candle warmer). I think this would also serve as an inspiration to keep moving and get back in shape.

Cappuccino Mug. I didn’t plan to buy this; and it took me 3 days to decide that I wanted it. I like the message and the font is somewhat similar to my handwriting (I am also trying to write in longhand again).

Bangle Watch. This is one of my favorites and I always use whenever I need to go to a formal event. I love that it makes me feel more feminine.

Automatic Boyfriend Watch. This is an overused watch I love using because it doesn’t need battery. I am just drawn to its mechanism that I can see in the watch face. I totally forgot about my regular watches because I switched to Smart Watch. It is nice to reconnect with my old favorite items

Some of the things in my desk and photos are overused things – you might always see them in my Instagram account (follow me @ruthilicious). I am happiest when I get the most value from my things. And I enjoy them, while I still feel them; for these feelings toward these things may change. After all, they are just things.

What are your current fave things?


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