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Sore Throat Cure: When DJs Don’t Talk

May 7, 2015
Have you ever listened to a radio show without a DJ? A radio running purely with lonely love songs?  Mister DJ probably is nursing a sore throat or has lost his voice. DJs are always present, on air, with their cheery tone. But you can tell when Mister DJ is nursing a bad sore throat.

I know alot of people who use their voice to make a living – there are call center agents, pastors and hosts. When I had sore throat, I just keep quiet and rest my voice. But for people who use their voice everyday to perform their job – how do they deal with sore throat?
I got the chance to sit with Rodel and interview him about sore throat. It was rather a serious topic for us. We seldom talk about serious stuff because our conversations always end up to a joke or a funny story. But the curious me needs to know. 
A little background about our celebrity DJ. I first met him last year in an event. It was a surprise to find out he’s a host for UNTV’s Bread and Butter. It is not that he is not appealing but he is very humble about it. Aside from hosting the show, he also hosts events and mans a radio show. 
Imagine us talking in a cafe, sipping coffee and having this conversation:

Ruth: Rodel, it was a surprise for me to know you are a host (because you are very low profile) and I was even more impressed when you said you accepted an offer to be a DJ.

I don’t know how you juggle work and play, but I am curious, have you ever encountered having a bad sore throat while working? 

Rodel: I think I did experience it once. Although I already forgot what caused it. I was “paos’. I was worried about my work performance. But I made it an advantage. On normal days, I got a high pitched voice and my bosses always wanted me to talk in bass tone over the radio. When I had sore throat I felt it was achievable. I still went to work and maintain a very low husky voice. The problem with it is that whenever I get too exited to talk over the radio. I tend to crack my voice so many times (piyok).
Ruth: Haha. Okay, that sure is embarrassing! Is there another incident that can top this experience?
Rodel: I guess the story that I`ve shared was embarrassing enough. It was my first time to experience sore throat (and “paos”) and I was actually excited with it. Haha I didn’t know how to deal with it.  I just make a joke out of it to escape the situation. Other times when I was hosting for an event for the whole day. my voice was so tired in the afternoon that it tend to crack. Heres a tip to have a smooth and clear diction – try munching green apple before you do a speech or talk. It helps to exercise your mouth, and there’s this enzyme in green apple that makes your diction better.

Ruth: Cool. I never know about that. I prefer green apples too. So have you tried anything to treat sore throat? Say, gargling warm water with salt?
Rodel: Cure? hmmm .. I tried the candy called pepakwa  -it’s a Chinesse brand and it was recommended by my voice instructor before to cure sore throat. But it is not easily accessible in the market. I also tried  Fshermans Friend and Strepsils. (Regarding gargling with water and salt): yeah, it is effective too! When i was attending the voice acting class the profs required us to do it everyday and keep away from drinking cold water.
Although I agree with Rodel about gargling water with salt, I find it too troublesome and inconvenient to prepare and use.  It was my first go-to remedy whenever I feel itchy sore. I always go for natural remedy and stay away from taking too much chemical and medicines.  I remember back when I was in Toronto for training, we had to do salt pilfering in the cafe so I could bring some salt sachets in my room that I dilute in water to gargle. It was crazy! Oftentimes I wish there is a natural cure for sore throat.
Ruth: I remember you used to attend voice lessons.. are you still singing? 

Rodel: No, not singing its for voice acting; and yes i did  short course in singing in harmony too.

Ruth: Wow, impressive voice portfolio. 

 Our conversation started shifting to his experiences as voice talent and his auditions (and hey, I even got to listen to some recordings! If you want to listen to it, you can message me! Haha). Rodel admitted he did a few commercials which are targeted for the kids. They thought his voice is perfect for anime and younger crowd. 
At the course of our fun chat, I noticed that Rodel’s voice cracked up. I am thinking such condition has become part of his daily life as a DJ. And although sore throat is not life-threatening, it is lifestyle threatening. How would you feel not being able to express yourself because you have sore throat and you cannot speak?
Before we left, I promised Rodel to send him a gift – a Kamillosan M Spray. It is the only natural throat spray prescribed by health care professionals and most prescribed throat spray by throat specialists. Kamillosan M Spray has been in the Philippines since 1997, and was originally developed in Germany in 1982. 
It is clinically proven anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial ingredients to effectively reduce symptoms caused by all stages of sore throat, pharyngitis and tonsillitis. Its main ingredient is chamomile (considered as medicinal plant in Germany), one of the medicinal herbs famous for its healing powers for many centuries in Europe. The pharmacological properties of chamomile includes anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic, anti-ulcer effect, wound healing effect and antimicrobial effect. I love that it comes in 15ml bottle which you can easily pack or stash in your bag.
Kamillosan M Spray can be used to treat: 
Inflammation of the gums
Canker sores
Bad Breath
Discomfort after teeth removal or exchange
Mucosa irration due to teeth prostheses
Vocal Cord Inflammation
Tonsil Inflammation
Prevention of mouth and throat disinfection
How to Use Kamillosan M Spray?
  • Inflammed area of mouth or pharynx should be sprayed 3 times a day.
  • Recommended to use the spray after each meal.
  • No mimimum dose for Kamillosan. It is natural and safe to use as often as needed. 
  • Children can use this via cotton swab.
  • There is no study for the pregnant and lactating mothers. Consult your doctor to weigh in the risks. 

WARNING: Do not use Kamillosan when you are allergic to 8 essential oils: peppermint, sage, anise, dwarf pine-needle, bergamot and cineol.
We could have talked for ours, but the DJ needed to rest his voice, I just have to ask one last question:
Ruth: So what do you think of the usual perception that DJ’s only have good voice but don’t look good? Haha

Rodel: They need to see me in person then! Hahahaha

Ruth: To confirm it is a fact? Haha (louder laugh here)

Rodel: Seriously, radio jock trend is changing. They are now considering good looks or pleasing personality aside from having a good voice.
Ruth: .. and also healthy throat? 

Rodel: Indeed.
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