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May 6, 2015

The Backstreet Boys in Manila 2015

I woke up to an invitation to see the BACKSTREET BOYS (!!!!) and what does a girl to do? Well, I asked if it is for General Admission (hahaha seriously!), but nope - PATRON SEATS (next to the speakers! Haha). It was FUUUUN!!! I have seen the BSB during their NKOTBxBSB concert in 2013, but the crowd was wilder last night! 

Okay, I am typing this with eyes half closed. My mind wanted to rest but I feel the need to share the story now..

Just like what I noted in the introduction, it was an invitation like no other! I didn't know I was watching Backstreet Boys! I have seen the Boys in 2013 during the NKOTBxBSB concert in the same venue. I was surprised to see the Arena fully booked and charged with excitement. I kind of felt sorry for my New Kids on The Block. :(

I have taken only a few pictures, because (for once), I want to live the moment, enjoy the music and care less about documenting every moment. But you see, you really cannot separate a blogger from what she loves the most  - so here I am typing and sharing.  

The highlights of the Backstreet Boys in Manila 2015 concert:

  • Backstreet Boys singing their new songs from the new albums. We cannot seem to relate. 
  • BSB singing Quit Playing Games with My Heart with guitar accompaniment!
  • Backstreet Boys mentioned that they all love PACQUIAO and they are calling for Rematch in Manila!
  • Backstreet Boys asking the crowd to light up their phones. Amazing view!
  • Crowd was a lot livelier and appreciative of the Boys (again, I suddenly felt sorry about my New Kids on the Block).

I am quite disappointed with the encore though. I would have love something with more impact. 
Listening on the first set of the songs, it seemed like listening to their album - I love variety and different performances when watching concerts. 

Anyway, you can check out www.nognoginthecity.com for more stories and pictures of the concert!

Til next! 

Thank you again Rodel #AppleofmyLeftEye !

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