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June 1, 2015

It's Miller Time at 71 Gramercy!

I seldom go to parties or go out to have drinks - and if I do, I usually have the usual Long Island Iced Tea or Beer. Gone are the days when I would have hard drinks or feisty cocktails. A few weeks ago, we had a little fun time at 71 Gramercy to celebrate the arrival of Miller Genuine Draft. 

Miller Genuine Draft embodies the ultimate cosmopolitan drink. It is light (too light for my taste), smooth and refreshing. It is not a surprise that Miller is always present in high energy nights in places like bars, nightclubs and parties. When you find someone who is young and successful, you see a bottle of Miller Genuine Draft - including us that night!

“All over the world, when we say “It’s Miller Time”, we immediately think of incredible, unforgettable nights out in great cities. We think of limitless possibilities and how the search for new experiences is something that unites fun–loving people across the globe. It’s Miller Time.”

A little history for you all, Miller Genuine Draft is fine-crafted German-style Lager Beer brewed and bottled by Miller Brewing Company in Wisconsin, USA. It uses the highest grade barley, hops, cramelized malts and a brewing process using cold-filtered ceramic filtration resulting in one of the best tasting beers in the world. It is super light as water that doesn't give a bitter after-taste. 

On top of the highest building in the Metro overlooking the city that felt like burning that night, we enjoyed our bottle(s) of Miller Genuine Draft. The iconic crystal clear bottle showcases the distinctive golden brilliance in the liquid within and a jet black label.


What's inside the bottle of Miller Genuine Draft?

  • Water: to deliver a pure, fresh taste, we use ‘soft water’ with low carbonates, no odor, taste or color. The water is tasted and analyzed by the master brewer daily, to ensure that it is of high quality and ‘softness.
  • Barley: you can only expect the best from every bottle of Miller. Two row and six row spring barley has the best characteristics for beer production. Using a blend of these two different types of barley helps to develop a smooth, American style lager.
  • Malt: Miller Genuine Draft uses a very expensive form of malt called crystallized malt. Heated until the sugar starts to caramelize, crystal malt gives MGD a beautiful golden color.
  • The caramelized malt adds a very subtle hint of toffee sweetness to the beer, which helps create its uniquely smooth and easy-drinking flavor. 
  • Hops: sourced from the Pacific Northwest region of the USA. Miller Genuine Draft uses two types of hops in its manufacture. The hops also provide a distinctively smooth mouthfeel and hoppy flavor. 
  • Yeast: the yeast used for Miller Genuine Draft traces its lineage back to Germany. It was brought to Wisconsin by Frederick Miller in 1850's. 

.. and the light, smooth drink drowned in us that dark night. 

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