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Part 1 Insider’s Report: Ruth Goes to Beijing for #LenovoTechWorld

June 3, 2015
This time last week, I was in China National Convention Center, preparing for the biggest tech event of the year – the Lenovo Tech World! After 4 years, I was back in Beijing, China with other influencers and media representatives from different parts of the globe to witness the unveiling of new innovative products from the technology giant.

You could imagine me jumping when I saw the invitation a few months ago. My first event with Lenovo was last October for the Lenovo Takes London! If there is one thing that any blogger can wish for, it is when brands that you love and use work with you for a project or campaign. What is more amazing is that they arranged really nice tour for us! 
Here’s an insider’s report on what went down during the Lenovo Tech World. 

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We had been preparing for a week since we arrived last Monday. Everyday, the call time was at 8:30 in the lobby – but during the Tech World Event, they made it at 7:45 to make sure that we got to the venue on time. I am on the same timezone but I also adjusted my sleeping time (I usually sleep at 3 in the morning back in Manila :)). 
Media and influencers from different countries stayed in different hotels in Beijing. This was the view of the lobby when I went down. Lenovo prepared everything for us – there were buses, registration area for our pass – everything was set for us!


The WW Social Media Team

When we got to the venue, there were even more people, fans and superfans waiting outside!
I love the term – superfans! It makes me feel like I am a superhero or something 🙂


Welcome to the Lenovo Tech World!

Being part of the awesome group of Lenovo Insiders, we got the best seats to take pictures – first and second rows! The superfans behind us even got flash placards (it felt like going to a concert!). The mood was fun, vibrant and youthful! There was funky music and fun graffiti artwork displayed live by (our very own) Juan Dimida! 

Juan Dimida inviting me to join the fun..

..and this happened!

Yes, I am happy KID! I am a fan of Juan Dimida! He can make cool artwork with his brilliant idea of using Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro to project image and paint (more on that later). OR watch the video here.

When I went back to my seat. I saw people going crazy over YY (Lenovo’s CEO).
How cool is this guy? He decided to sit with the fans and everyone went crazy asking for a selfie with him! He’s a ROCKSTAR!!!

I was seated next to Beto and Yuszela (who gracefully managed the stresses that day! haha)
I was a bit stressed when I couldn’t connect to the internet and share pictures real-time.
Beto had a more stressful day though, but he was able to handle it and even presented the RealSense technology by Intel. Awesome! 

#LenovoTechWorld Highlights

YY opened the event looking so sleek on a white coat. I heard that they even commissioned a designer to style the Lenovo Executives. 
Chinese Actress Fan Bingbing attended the Lenovo Tech World
This is Lenovo Magic View Smart Watch. It gives a bigger view of the subject than it really is.
Lenovo’s Peter Hortensius talked about the future of Lenovo and technology.
Lang Lang and YY played some cool music. You can too with Lenovo’s Smart Cast phone with projector that turns your desk into a touch display.

YY had his face scanned using Intel’s RealSense 3D Camera. The 3D figurine display was sent via a Drone! How cool! In return, YY gave a ThinkPad Tablet to Intel CEO Brian Krzanich.
You can watch me play with RealSense in this video.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella also spoke about technology and partnership with Lenovo during the #LenovoTechWorld.
Now, look at these shoes! This pair shows your mood and can also analyze and track fitness data. 🙂 

Retired Basketball Player, Shane Battier also joined the Lenovo Tech World and shared how Moto does real-time body data analysis.
 Baidu Chairman and CEO Robin Li was also in the event who introduced Cortana – an intelligent personal assistant by Microsoft Windows. Riley of Lenovo Tablet Group also showed how helpful Cortana is in locating his files via the app – ReachIt. 

The presentation ended with a selfie with these Executives who all felt like attending a concert 🙂
I love that Lenovo Tech World made everyone excited and happy – from global fans to executives. 

What happens after the presentation..?
Well, we got a short meet and greet with Lenovo’s CEO YY! 

[to be continued]
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