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Part 2 Insider’s Report: Ruth Goes to #LenovoTechWorld + The New Lenovo Logo

June 4, 2015
It’s been a week after the Lenovo Tech World and I am still on Lenovo-tech High! You have to experience it so you would understand. Inside the China National Convention Center, thousands of Lenovo superfans and media practitioners from different parts of the world, gathered to witness the unveiling of the new products from Lenovo and the new logo.

This is part 2 of my Insider’s Report. You can read Part 1 over here where I talked about the Lenovo Presentation Highlights. There are just so many stories to share, so please.. allow me.
As soon as YY (Lenovo CEO – and he preferred to be called YY. I love the culture!) left the stage, everyone (executives) shook hands with him. I was seated on the second row, middle part of the convention center – and I was too close. I could have grabbed him and said hello. But I didn’t want to add to the stresses of organizers and security team. They might raised their eyebrows and asked, who is this girl in cropped top and doing ambush interview with YY?!  Besides, they promised us to have a quick meet and greet with YY.

Then, TENEN!!!

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Yup, we had our chance to meet YY! I was one of the few Insiders who got the chance to introduce myself – Hi, I am Ruth from the Philippines”. Isn’t it amazing to be stating your name and your country? It felt like a beauty pageant once again. He asked us how were we feeling about the presentation? I said, it is very exciting! Well it is! I felt that I had so much energy that day and every thing that was happening around me excites me (even if I was pressed against the wall and there were camera all over – the whole thing excites me!). Thinking about it now, I should have told him how happy I was to be part of the Lenovo Tech World. I should have told him how brilliant his company is! I should have professed my love for Lenovo (wow, I never thought I would feel so romantically drawn to a certain brand). Anyway… 
Lizza did an amazing interview. I just stood there and watched – recorded a short video to share with my friends. Then YY was sent to the Hand Wall for the fun hand print session for the new Lenovo Logo. Once again, YY walked so near me. He was right behind me while cameras were flashing in front of us. I was thinking if I should ask for a selfie. But then again, I thought, I didn’t want to hold him up and cause issues with the security. It was another missed opportunity. But then again, I should behave well and just go with the flow. Ambush interview with YY was not part of my schedule. 
During the rehearsal, the plan was for us to stay beside YY for the hand painting. Well, of course that didn’t happen. This happened..

and this!

We got the go-signal and off we played with paints!
Haha. It was too funny when I realized I did both hands  – which made me disabled for a few minutes.
Yes, we were like twinsies! Lizza and I! 
Watch the video here.
Thank you Orin Thomas for capturing this!

After the fun at the Hand Wall, it was time to talk about Lenovo products. We were stationed in the I Hacked Life studio and we were tasked to do a demo of the new Intel RealSense 3D Camera. It was the first time that Lenovo allowed us to be part of the show – where we can talk about products, interact with audience and make our own show.
Beto led the presentation and totally kept the audience engaged and interested. 

There goes the Ryan Higa trying out RealSense!

The naturally curious me also tried the RealSense Camera!
Look at that, I am inside the computer!

You can watch my Youtube video about this technology over here, please. 
I love that Lenovo pushes me to explore and do more. I don’t usually record or publish my videos, moreso, edit and create a video story, but I did it and even published two. 🙂

After the short presentation, we headed to the VIP rooms for quick interview with Lenovo’s Chief Marketing Officer, David Roman and Lenovo’s Senior VP and Chief Technology Officer, Peter Hortensius. I love this kind of access as an Insider! David Roman talked about the new logo. You can watch the video (down at the bottom of this blogpost)! I personally love the new vibe of Lenovo brand – it is vibrant, young and fun. It speaks to the generation now and pushes us to do more – never stand still 🙂

At the #IHackedLife Studio, I had a quick lunch and off I went to the Mobile Booth to check out the Lenovo Vibe Shot! 

Look at these cool photos taken using the Lenovo Vibe Shot. You can do panorama selfie and get you or your twin self on the same photo! The new Lenovo Vibe Shot has 16 megapixel camera and 8 megapixel front-view camera with features like that of the DLSR. You can instantly switch from Pro to Auto. I wish I could play more with it – but hey, all the Lenovo Fans in China who attended the event got a new Lenovo Vibe Shot! How cool is that?! 


We got the chance to meet and speak with the developer of the phone and he showed us how smart the phone is! Indeed, it is smart! And I go with what Peter has said about the future of technology – they should make our life simpler. And with this new smartphone, we can forget about bulky cameras and DLSR’s.

Back to our place at the #IHackedLife Studio, we visited Juan Dimida and his glorious place. We tried our hands at painting! I am super excited to try this at home with my Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 Pro. You  just simply project your chosen image in the wall, and paint based on the traces of the image. The one that we were working at was a picture of motherboard inspired by Juan Dimida’s visit at the Lenovo office. 🙂

Check out the video here 
Now look at these.. Lenovo Social Babies!!!
Our very own baby, Jasmin of My Berlin Fashion loves them so much! I cannot blame her, they are adorable!
And speaking of adorable, we had Riley and Lizza who did an awesome job that day!
This was taken after the interviews.
with my buddy, Beto Sanro
I had a blast and had an awesome day! If you had gone this far in my blog, well thank you for staying with me and enjoying my stories.
After the event, we had a quick coffee session outside the CNCC and we helped Juan Dimida with his stuff and art displays. We sort of lost the team but found them in Intercontinental Hotel where we had a lovely dinner buffet.
After the event, we headed to the Water Cube for the Lenovo After-Event Party..
But looked like we made a wrong turn. The gates were closed and we didn’t know the way to the parteeeeh…!!! But like what Lenovo reminds us, never stand still. 

[to be continued]

Watch to learn more about the new Lenovo Logo 🙂 

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