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Part 3 Insider’s Report: The #LenovoTechWorld After-Event Party

June 5, 2015
I know I am flooding and I just cannot stop writing and talking about the fun times I had at the Lenovo Tech World! It is always nice to be invited to an event especially if it involves traveling to another country, meeting new people (who share your same love for the brand) and simply just knowing that the brand that you love loves you back. #bloggergoals

I want to take you to my awesome experience. You can read Part 1 report here (Lenovo Tech World Highlights) and Part 2 here (all about the Hand Wall and Innovation booths).
My previous post left you with a picture of a locked gate. Well, to make the long story short, we made it to the party!!! 
The after-event party was held in Water Cube, Beijing China (also known as Beijing National Aquatics Center). I love the ambiance – it was electrifying.. and this view greeted us!

I was not able to take a lot of pictures. We just danced and said hellos to the people waiting for us at the party. While we enjoyed every minute of it, cameras were rolling and a crew was following us! They wanted to know how we rock the party!
Who wouldn’t enjoy such party? Overflowing drinks, popcorn and snacks. There were fun booths and Lenovo even invited caricature artists to draw pictures using the Lenovo Yoga Ultrabook! I wished I waited for my turn but I just so enjoyed the music and dance floor with Shannon! Haha.
Here’s pretty Lizza with her caricature!
and Andrew photobombing!
The after-event party was exclusive to Lenovo employees and super fans who are members of Club Lenovo! We even got a Lenovo Social Baby to take home after the party! 
with the Chinese superfans – and we hailed “Lenovo”!!!
It was funny because we didn’t even had alcohol but we had so much fun! You know what they say when you just enjoy and dance as if no one’s watching? Well we did! In this case though, Lenovo was watching and the brand seemed to enjoy capturing every moment we enjoyed the party. 
Check out the video here:

Thank you so much Lenovo for having me! It feels good to be part of this family. I am not technically an employee of Lenovo but they made me feel welcome. Big Love!
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PS. Lenovo Group paid for the trip. All opinions, emotions and feelings published on this post are mine 🙂 

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