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Beijing Jiao Foot Massage: Traditional Chinese Reflexology + Crystal-Based Holistic Healing

June 6, 2015
They told us we have to experience it, to believe it. A relaxing massage using Chinese reflexology and the healing power of crystals, when combined together can bring “a new person” experience. Beijing Jiao Foot Massage in Shaw Blvd let us experienced a new relaxing massage which started from the sole and ends to the soul. 
Who would have thought I would be back in Beijing? This time around, the Beijing I have visited offers an ancient oriental massage incorporated with the use of crystals. I was both excited and curious. The narrow staircase of the Beijing Jiao Foot Massage led us to a pathway of relaxation and rest. Charlie (the owner of Beijing Jiao Foot Massage) was waiting for us with his friend, who is crystal master. 
I was surprised to find the ambiant nest filled with oriental decoration of ancient Chinese. The place is infused with aromatic essence and crystals are displayed/positioned carefully in the corners to create a relaxing and welcoming energy. It did work. Surprisingly. Inside, you can forget about the busy streets and the warzone of daily stresses outside. 
Charlie then talked about the crystals and their healing powers. This is the first time I heard of a service where a spa uses crystals for massage. I know them (crystals) as decorative pieces for jewelry and accessories. But in Beijing Jiao Foot Massage, they are treated with care as they are used for massaging and absorbing negative energy. 
Crystal cut and carved perfectly for massage and relaxation.

Crystal Ball used for body massage.

Beijing Jiao Foot Massage Services

Prosperity Dip“Let go of obstacles and immerse yourself in the sea of abundance. Try our signature massage with a touch of our Royal mixture made with therapeutic-grade essential oils. Enjoy the healing benefits of our premium crystals delivered in this massage.”
Stress Redress“Experience supreme rest and relaxation as you free yourself and embrace a moment of peace. Enjoy the finest of aromatherapy with our Rebirth Tincture. Complete your ultimate treat with our signature massage that incorporates the healing benefits of revitalizing crystals.”
Fountain of Youth“Discover the secret of ageless beauty and transform into the best you are meant to be. Try our signature massage with a touch of Lifestream crystal mixture for your aromatherapy experience. Enjoy the healing benefits of our beautifying crystals delivered in this massage”

Then it was time to get undressed and embrace the new me. We tried the Stress Redress.
Beijing Jiao Foot Massage Spa has individual rooms with customized lazy boys (for a more comfortable massage). 
We stayed in the couple’s room so we can still chitchat (yeah, that’s how we relax!)
The Beijing Jiao Massage Experience 
The whole experience started with a foot soak. A special essence was added to the soak and we were given a bud to smell with hint of lavander to help us relax.  Beijing Jiao incorporates aromatherapy to relax the senses. The temperature of the spa is also considered – not too warm or cold. You know how spas are sometimes too cold that tenses your muscles and prevents you from relaxing? Biejing Jiao Foot Massage ensures the temperature is perfect and relaxing in their little sanctuary. While on the background, an audio of a calm woman’s voice filled the room (the one that they use for yoga!). In the middle of the session, it was changed to a less distracting sound – birds chirping – and you could imagine trees swaying on the background. In reality, Rodel and I were the noisiest people who ever went to a spa relaxation. Well, that’s how we relax!
After the foot soak, we were then treated to a relaxing foot massage – and it all went up to the head, then the hands and back  I thought since the name carries Foot Massage is that they only specializes in foot massage but it was a treat to know they do whole body massage. 
Reg (my masseuse) used crystal spheres to trace and massage my nerves. They say, it is to ease pain, improve blood circulation, and rejuvenate tired muscles. It was a bit scary at first (because I was thinking of the sharp point) but of course she used the rounded surface of the crystal sphere and the pressure felt so relaxing – the energy felt like volting in my every nerve and relaxing them after. It was as if a Happy Dementor sucked all my bad energy. Reg and Jou (Rodel’s masseuse) did it in synchronous fashion. 
The hand massage was also very relaxing. Reg just pressed firmly on the right places and it was the kind of painful pinch that I like *wink*wink 
After the hand massage, Reg went back to another round of relaxing foot massage. I felt the pressure and pain in my foot and heels (blaming it to my crazy climb to the Great Wall of China). Then, she used an interesting instrument (more like drumsticks with pin points) to massage my legs and foot. They both hammed it in our legs and drummed the bad energy out of our system. It felt good sensing every hint of tingle it created. The best part was on the heels where most of the pressure in our body are concentrated. It was funny to observe that Rodel’s leg muscles produced a deeper sound compared to mine – Reg and Joy explained because his is tougher and I am a woman 🙂 

On to the next best part.. the back massage. I could have stayed there for hours and sleep after the session. 
To end the back massage, Reg used the ball crystal to trace in my hands and spine. I could almost feel the new calm sensation surrounding my body. I felt the energy. Well, he did too. 

To complete the experience, we were served with peppermint tea. 
I am writing this, feeling like a new person – ready to face the new battles of life. 
Want to try a relaxing massage using Chinese reflexology incorporated with healing, holistic power of crystals? Check out the Beijing Jiao Foot Massage.
Price Point: Massage starts at Php500 for 80-minute massage.
How to get to Beijing Jiao Foot Massage?
From Shaw MRT Station, take jeepney to JRU (going to shaw). 
 From Manila, take jeepney going to Pasig or Megamall. 
Beijing Foot Massage is right in front of Jose Rizal University.
Book Appointment: 347-6168

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