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Birch Tree x DepEd: “Me and My Milk”

July 22, 2015
Do your kids love to drink milk? Birch Tree, the most delicious milk (oh, hey – it is “everybody’s milk!) has partnered with the Department of Education to promote an advocacy “Me and My Milk” which encourages kids to drink milk at home and even at school.
with Rodel Flordeliz and Mutya Orquia
 The partnership was formally launched via a Filipiniana-themed event in Bulwagan ng Karunungan, Department of Education Complex in Pasig City. The event was attended by Education Secretary Bro. Armin Luistro, Undersecretary Dina Ocampo, regional directors and other key officials of the Department and officials of Century Pacific Food Inc and Marylindbert International (and we were also there! ;))

The event served like a reminder for me too to drink more milk. I am not a milk drinker. It is probably because my body is not very friendly with milk. Now, even if I am aware of the benefits of milk in the body (especially for women), I just couldn’t start the habit. It is ironic for someone who still craved for breastmilk at three years old (yes I did! says my mom!).
Starting the kids young is the best way to keep the habit. Me and My Milk will encourage parents to ensure their kids drink 2 glasses of milk a day. To make drinking milk more fun and great tasting, the new Birch Tree Fortified will be the moms’ partner for this advocacy.

“Encouraging mothers to let their kids drink milk instead of sugary or caffeine-filled beverages will help ensure that these children will grow up to be productive and responsible citizens”,Undersecretary Dina Ocampo of the Department of Education.

A little refresher about milk – it is nutrionally loaded food drink and a good source of Calcium, Phosphorus, Magnesium and Protein, all the essentials in growth and development of bones and teeth. 
New Birch Tree has these nutrients and FibroBoost – a unique set of nutrients fortified with Zinc, Vitamin C and Iron. The new Birch Tree Fortified Milk is also great-tasting that is suited for Filipino tastebuds.

To help testify the benefits of drinking milk, Richard Yap joined us at the event and he shared how he grew up drinking milk twice a day – once in the morning and once at night. The habit of drinking milk equips him with the energy that he needs especially with the busy schedule. Aside from drinking milk, he also follow a healthy diet and regular exercise on his routine. 
Richard Yap is truly aging with grace. I wish I would still look youthful and glowing when I reach his age. I love that people think that I am only at my early 20s.. but if drinking milk will delay the aging process, I would start to embrace this advocacy like a life-saver.

Mutya Orquia (Baby Abby) was in the event too. She seems like a nice and polite little girl. Her parents must be so proud of her. 

Benefits of Drinking Milk:
Increased bone strength
Smoother skin
Stronger immune system
Prevention of illness such as hypertension, obesity and osteoporosis
The New Birch Tree Fortified will bring the advocacy program to different public schools in the Philippines to encourage regular milk drinking. The program will start in NCR, Central Luzon, Calabarzon, and Ilocos Region. Birch Tree Fortified will provide educational kits to benefit educators, parents and students.

with Pabebe Moms 😉 Jennifer Gonzales, Jing Javier and Kath Rivera
So lovely to sit beside these ladies! 

The partnership is truly a nice way to promote the advocacy. I hope more kids will see the benefits of drinking milk at this early age. Health is truly wealth. Just think of climbing the Great Wall of China and going places. That should motivate one from staying healthy. 🙂

Who grew up drinking Birch Tree?
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