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Candy-Making at Made in Candy

July 20, 2015
When you receive an invitation to work as a candy woman for Made in Candy, what would you do? I jumped for joy and immediately checked my schedule. That time, I was booked for international travels. I thought I wouldn’t have the chance to get behind the bar and find out the secret of doing Made in Candy designs. Thankfully, the people from Made in Candy are nice enough to book me for another slot in Glorietta 4. 

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The first time I encountered Made in Candy was during the Grab Car launch. It was one of the giveaways with a cute GrabTaxi logo embedded on each tiny candy. My initial thoughts: cute, creative, innovative. I got a feeling that the tiny candies were all just sweets and sugar until I tried the first bit – it tasted like melon! The personalized candies then become a hit and I received several others from different brands but they are not like Made in Candy which comes in different flavors. 
Made in Candy candies are delicately and intricately designed. I always wonder how much work and creativity are dedicated to make a single design. 
I got to find out last week when I did a short stint as Candy Woman!
I was given access to the Made in Candy store in Glorietta 4. Unlike the other candy stores which are colorful and playful with the display, Made in Candy sticks with minimalist design of black panels and glass – which makes the bottle candies stand out. Inside the laboratory-like kitchen, I found flasks and bottles of syrups and flavorings. 
There are even sample bottles of the designs that they did for several clients including a cute cookie monster design and the Grab Taxi giveaway!


I was so excited to make my own candy! But safety first – gloves (there are two sets – one surgical and one which can withstand heat). I was also briefed and reminded of the “hot and warm” area and surfaces of the Made in Candy kitchen laboratory.

This is not how you do the candies though. 😉 But, that’s just me being me. When it comes to cooking and serious matters, I can be really serious. Check out the next picture!


The design that was selected by the Made in Candy team is lips! They prepared a diagram for me but I bet that their candy crew can do it without a guide.

To simplify the process of making a candy, I would say there are 3 parts in making a candy. First, mixing colors and kneading flavors; second, assembling and designing; third, cutting. There are also 3 work tables inside Made in Candy and they are all designed to keep the temperature of the hard candy.


It felt like first day of work for me (I remember my barista days!) but the Made in Candy team is so helpful, knowledgable and fun to work with – every step of the process made me more confident (even if I am partly scared of working with knives and I slightly burnt my thigh from the hot table). Haha. I know that’s part of the work!

Here’s the half part of the candy – with “full” lips aiming at you!


I was amazed at how the design was drafted and molded in the hard candy! It takes more than creativity to put a design into a roll of hard candy combining colors, shapes and curves. Making a symmetrical design can be easy, but how about company logo? or names? Hats off to the hard-working and creative team of Made in Candy!

Now, can you imagine how this big slab of hard candy could turn into bite-size sweets? 
There goes the bottleneck process..
TENEN! It is looking like the candies that we are familiar with!
The next step is another challenge for me… 


We need to cut the candies evenly but each candy needs to be round and even – so it won’t feel sharp in the tongue (especially for the kids).


Look at the candies that I made! Woot!

And to all the people who patiently watched me and my little show.. they got a treat! Free taste of my candy masterpiece!


While I was busying entertaining our audience, Chef Paul created some awesome masterpieces! I got a Rose and a Name Plate 🙂 It seriously felt like my debut all over again. Haha

Watch the full movie here:

I also tried my hands at making lollipop but I guess, I need more practice
(especially in inserting the stick ;))

Anyway, it was truly a fun experience! I got to appreciate every single bit of candy from Made in Candy. Each bottle or pack is truly a labor of love.

Look at this bottle filled with rock candies with my name on it!

If you guys want to request for personalized candy or giveaway for your wedding or event, check out the price list below:

114 small jars (35g) = Php 11,605.44
57 medium jars (70g) = Php 9,690.24
29 large jars (135g) = Php 8,658.72
57 foil bags (70g) = Php 8,221.92
133 foil bags (30g) = Php 8,732.64

Or you can also buy retail rock candies. There are so many flavor to choose from!

35g small jar      = Php 90 
70g medium jar  = Php 150
135g large jar     = Php 260
70g foil bag        = Php 100
30g foil bag       = Php 50

Thank you so much Made in Candy for having me! 

Thank you to my friend Joan for the lovely photos!

Hey, I am giving away 2 jars of Made in Candy rock candies to 5 lucky readers! Head on over to my instagram @ruthilicious for details! 

.. and watch out for the youtube video of my Candy-making experience!

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