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Potluck Party in a Condo with The Certified Foodies

July 19, 2015
Who would have thought one can throw a Fiesta Party in a Condominium? Well, if you are THE Certified Foodies, nothing is impossible when you love good food and great celebrations. 
Mhel and Ken Ignacio of Certified Foodies, Philippines’ number one food blog together with Clara Ole recently threw a party in a condo in Makati. The figures: 40 pax, 10 dishes, and a million laughter.

When I received the invitation for the Potluck Party, I didn’t think twice and hit GOING. It’s been 2 years the last time I saw Mhel, and it’s been 4 years the last time I danced with Ken. During the presscon of the Clara Ole held a few months ago, it was mentioned that Kenneth Ignacio would host a potluck party. I was certain it is the Kenneth Ignacio that I know! They are two of my trusted friends in the blogging community. And knowing that they are food experts, I could only expect great food from the party.

The Clara Ole Potluck Fiesta Party

Everyone was delighted when we were welcomed with such a grand, festive set-up. I decided to take a video to show how looong the table was and festive the party was!
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Mhel and Ken opened up the party by sharing with us the dishes that they prepared for us using Clara Ole. Clara Ole has so many products from marinade sauces, dips, to jelly and syrups – one just need to be creative in using these products. I was impressed at how the Ignacios (yes, including their very fun and funky mom!) prepared the food! Nanay was so proud of her Sinigang using Guava Jelly


Some “condo shots” I have taken to show you that the party really happened in a condominium. Haha. We spent our time in the pool area with Ning Buning and other guests while waiting for the fiesta to start. It’s good to catch up with Ning who is also one of the first few friends I met in the community when I started attending events. She now focuses on entertainment blogging. Ning has given the name to the face of the guy I was crushing over in Pangako Sa’yo. Nope, it is not Daniel Padilla. It is Grie Fernandez! Haha.


Back to the Clara Ole Potluck Party – Ken and Mhel opened the event and shared with us the dishes that they have prepared. Ken prepared all the dishes with her mom, but we should not forget Mhel’s biggest contribution – the fruit juice made with Clara Ole Truly Fruity Syrup.

As the event is more about #DiskarTips and making the most of what you have, they asked us to share our tips when cooking for an event. Mhel and Ken picked winners who got to bring home Clara Ole products. Ken also shared helpful tips for organizing an event. The event was overflowing with prizes. It seemed that we can host our own Clara Ole party.

To arm us knowledge on how to set up a boodle fight plate, Chef Cath showed us how to make do it.


The Boodle FIGHT

Then.. it’s time to FIGHT!!!
I was so overwhelmed with so many food! I am not usually a big mad eater but when you are surrounded with people who enjoy eating and love good food, you just couldn’t help but take more bites! We all shared the good food. I love the variety of flavor, texture and taste. There is a spicy crab, chewy meat, sour-sweet sinigang and smokey bbq meat. There was mangga and bagoong that I so much enjoyed in between tasting different dishes. You would have guessed, I was the last one to wash my hands (yes, we did eat with hands!). I tasted every single dish so when Mhel asked me what was my favorite.. I was torn between the crabs and squid and balut.

I voted for Balut because I was pleasantly surprised with how it was cooked. Adobong Balut that I think foreigner friends wouldn’t mind tasting. 😉

#ClaraOlePotluck Games

Image credit: Clara Ole
After the food trip, the fun continued with games! We played Pinoy Henyo and I was teamed up with Amy Perez-Castillo. Haven’t I mentioned Amy joined us in the boodle fight? She was so game and candid – it seemed like we were all friends in the room! And although we lost in the game, it was awesome to witness Nanay Ignacio’s big winning at the Trip to Jerusalem game!
The Game Rules: Pick an ingredient when the music stops. There would be two players who would be eliminated every round.
So you think Nanay Ignacio would be eliminated on the first round? You got it all wrong. This woman has got moves! She picked all the ingredients and ran away to the mosh pit. She would then give one to the other players she knows! On the last round though, she had a different strategy. She probably sensed that the other player was as competitive as she was! 
Her winning move? 

She stepped on the poor tomato while the other player tried to grab it!
Well, of course Nanay Ignacio won! Such a clever and fun woman!

The third game was – PALENGKE RELAY! and guess who joined the game again.. me! Haha. Mhel once again picked up (as if she has sensed that I was enjoying the party). To tell you honestly, I got nervous about the whole relay game. I would hate to be the last person to carry the basket and race against the other team.

It was good that we were able to plan the game and guess who the last person was – it was me!!! Haha. I never really imagined I would play this kind of game that I only get to watch in noontime shows! It was awesome – especially that we won!

To end the program, Mhel and Ken announced the winners of Instagram Contest who won gifts from sponsors. Well, actually everyone went home a winner because we also got goodies from Clara Ole! I cannot wait to cook new dishes with the sauces, dips and marinades! My mom is as excited as I am! She actually wanted to try the Sinigang with Guava Jelly. Keep following me @ruthilicious to see my experimental dishes!
Congratulations Mhel and Ken for the super fun event!
It is so nice to catch up with you two after so many years!
I didn’t have a pic with that during the fiesta, so here’s a throwback picture 🙂

I wish planning and hosting an event could be as easy as magic – like waving your wand like Dumbledore and the Great Hall would be filled with food and drinks.
If I were to host a party, I might probably throw a Harry Potter-inspired party and I would invite all my wizard and witch friends with the invitation sent via owl. Haha.

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My Magical Menu
Sorting Hat Bread (my own creation!)
 Corned Beef Sandwich (just like what Mrs. Weasley always packs for Ron)
Fish and Chips (available in Three Broomsticks Inn!)
Chicken Pot Pie (which is unknown to Hogwarts students)
Great Feast Platter (well, I can create my own with probably Pinoy pica pica?)
Flaming Kiwi Cups
Butterbeer Cupcakes 
Chocolate Frogs
Exploding Lemoade
Pumpkin Juice

PS: will blog about my Harry Potter Studio Tour in Leavesden, London on my travel blog (before Harry’s Birthday)! Watch out for it!

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