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RACKS Smoked Spring Chicken

August 25, 2015
Although I try to choose healthier food, I cannot just say no to a good meal. Take for example the new RACKSSmoked Spring Chicken
It’s a fact that all foodies know, Rack’s serves the best rib in town… but we cannot deny that Rack’s also scores high on the Chicken Department.  The secret is in the preparation and the ingredients.  RACKS Smoked Spring Chicken is thoroughy grilled over hickory wood until the meat is tender. Just like our favorite ribs, it just falls off the bone. 
Rack’s chose to use spring chicken because the meat is juicier and absorbs the unique marination and smoking process better. 

Served with fresh greens and some good old fashion corn on the cob, the flavor is even complimented with mayo-based sauce the Alabama White Sauce which is a combination of reminiscent of chili and fun barbeque days with family and friends. I instantly smell summer!
Indeed, it has been two decades since RACKS opened its first doors in Makati’s Central Business District, and although there are new restaurants competing with the old-time favorite, we still go back to the one that we grew up with. We know Baby Back Ribs and Classic Pork Ribs with the amazing selection of barbeque sauces. 
I even love the new store and western feel of the Rack’s ambiance. Staff is friendly and the store doesn’t have wifi simply because, they encourage conversation and making memories 🙂
I hate that I am writing this story at this hour and I am currently craving for some good flame-grilled-falls-off-the-bone goodness.

What are you currently craving?

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