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Avon Invites You to #LoveYourCurves!

January 12, 2016
avon underwear xxl
I received a cute #bloggermail from Avon as it celebrates its 130th year of women empowerment. 
Celebrate with every style and size with #loveyourcurves. 

avon underwear xxl

As usual, Avon sends the best packaged #bloggermails and press kits!
The undies are separated via cupcake holders!
130 years of women empowerment. It makes me think of the things I have done significantly in my xx existence. I just take pride in being instrumental in sharing this news to you all. 
Avon, the company that has help thousands of women kicks off its anniversary with a #loveyoucurves revolution! Truly, every women can now feel sexy and confident with the newest panty designs and sizes from Avon Fashions. 
avon underwear xxl
From January 1 to 15, you can find amazing discounts and deals of up to Php100 off! 
Here’s the treat, every under purchase promises: perfect fit for the modern Filipina’s figure. 
Sizes now comes from small to XXL. The quality can withstand wash and wear – with the most fun and elegant prints. 
Thank you Avon for throwing in nice seamless undies!
avon underwear xxl
Brianne 7 in 1 Panty Pack
Perfect for a week’s worth of moods! Available in special introductory prize of Php 599 (small to large) and Php 649 (xl to xxl).
Patrice 5 in 1 Panty Pack

Five playful designs in gorgeous spring colors and floral prints for each weekday. 
Php 425 (small to large) and Php 475 (xl – xxl)
Christa 2 in 1 Seamless Microfiber Panty Pack

It is a must-have for every women. Flaunt your figures in any figure-hugging dresses without panty lines. 
Php 249 (small to large) and Php 275 (xl to xxl)
Veronica Full Brief

This seamless underwear made of 100% cotton and available in black and skin tone gives full coverage. 
Php 120 (small to large) and Php 135 (xl to xxl)
Excited to shop and curious about your size?
Here’s the Avon Underwear Guide for you:
Small 25 to 26 (waist) 35 to 36 (hip size)
Medium 27 to 28 (waist) 37 to 38 (hip size)
Large 29 to 30 (waist) 39 to 40 (hip size)
XL 31 to 32 (waist) 41 to 42 (hip size)
XXL 33 to 34 (waist) 43 to 44 (hip size)
Start the year right and embrace your figure #loveyourcurves. 
Check out or contact your Avon Lady. 
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