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Comfortable and Sexy Triumph Sports Bra + My Saddle Row Spinning Experience

January 29, 2016
triumph sports bra
Triumph let us experienced how comfortably sporty, secure and sexy the new Triumph Sports Bra through a spinning session in Saddle Row. 
No matter how good your dress is, if you are wearing the wrong underwear, it would kill the whole ensemble. I hate it when an underwear restricts us from moving gracefully and with ease. Same is true when we are working out. We need to wear comfortable and secured sports bra that would allow us to move freely. 
I may not be the expert to talk about sports but I am an expert of my own body. I always go for comfort more than design. Thankfully, Triumph unveils their new sports bra collection tailored for women with active and sporty lifestyle. The bonus, they are sexy to wear! 
Triumph, is one of the trusted brands for underwear since 1886. The new Triumph Sports Bra collection caters to low, medium and high impact support needs. 
Triumph together with Saddle Row let us experienced the new Sports Bra through a spinning session in Saddle Row. 
The New Triumph Sports Bra
Triumph assisted me in choosing the perfect bra size and fit. Although I don’t really do much intense activities, I always struggle working out when my bra restricts me from doing different poses. Oftentimes I feel boob sore after jogging or running (girls with cuppy boobs can relate!). 
I got the High Impact Sports Bra which is perfect for intense activities like volleyball, basketball, football and other activities like aerobics and Zumba. It has high support and thick straps that you can wear it as it is – without the worry of having wardrobe malfunction. 
When you ask your friend on messenger which one to get?
I was supposed to get the Medium Impact Sports Bra (perfect for jogging, cycling, cross training and body combat). It has a striped design and a thicker mesh razerback to give back support and help improve posture. 
For those who do low impact activities like Yoga, basic floor exercises and Pilates, you can get the Low Impact Sports Bra. It has a flattering low cut front and thicker razorback which comes in black and gray color. 
My First Indoor Cycling Experience at Saddle Row
To let us experience how comfortable, secure and sexy the new Triumph Sports Bra is, we tried the Indoor Cycling in Saddle Row.
I don’t know how to ride a bike and it was my first time to try spinning. We were asked to wear special shoes (that reminds me of tap dancing shoes!) that secured us to the machine. 
saddle row blog experience
We got to try and feel the machine which shows us figures of kilometers you have cycled, calories you burned,  resistance level, and etc. The machine can adjust the seat based on your height. 
saddle row blog experience
saddle row blog experience
Once we got all set, our instructor Carla Paredes started the routine with a fun music. 
It was easy for the first 15 minutes when she just asked us to do quick cycle and stand up. But the combination of standing and sitting down (and doing doubles) got me and my period (oh, girls, I won’t advise it doing it on your first day). 
I felt my knees weakened and I had to do a quick change. When I went back I had to do quick catch up!
We increased and decreased the resistance level depending on the routine and music. The routines also insured that we move and work our arms and core muscles. 
When we ended the session, I was sweating and my legs were burning!
I was impressed with how strong and sexy Carla is. She said she’s been doing this for 6 months. 
I want to continue the session but maybe I need to start with Beginners. 
saddle row
But, more than the tired legs, what I felt was comfort in doing the routines while wearing the Triumph Sports Bra. I changed hand positions, lowered my back to the machine, raised my hands and moved with comfort and ease. The material is made of breathable fabric and I never felt soaking with sweat (only after I changed). That made me think how much calories I burnt! Yay!
When they say indoor cycling would teach you a lesson, well I agree. It makes me want to pursue learning how to ride a bike and get stronger. 
Visit the Triump Store at Robinson’s Place Magnolia or one of the many branches at all leading department stores and get fitted so you can find the perfect bra for you. 

I enjoyed my first cycling session with Ruth Floresca, Kath and Genzel! ๐Ÿ™‚
Genzel is so strong and fit! 

Saddle Row
2/F, Serendra, 
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. 
+63 2 9663610. 7am-8:30pm.

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