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Birthday Wishlist

February 4, 2016
Birthday Wishlist 

First off, I want to thank everyone for all the birthday greetings, messages, well wishes, love notes and marriage proposals. 

Thank you for following my adventures. I don’t have the most wonderful life but you guys make it awesome. Thank you!
Whenever I say, “what Ruth wants, Ruth gets”, it is to help me keep focused on the things that I want – not to sound like a spoiled brat. 🙂 I am #blessed that  the forces of universe is always with me. The mantra has never failed me since I was in grade school. I cannot count the number of blessings I received – most of them I really want in that particular instance, moment and phase in my life – from as simple as winning in a raffle, getting promoted, going places and “being wanted” by someone (hmmm?), 
More than anything, what I want is to spend more time with my loved ones and to stay healthy so I can do more.
But since we are living in a material world, I am writing this wishlist to help my friends scout for the perfect gifts for me. 🙂 I am not gonna make this difficult for you guys. Just note that although I love cute boys, I no longer collect cute toys, displays (kissing dove?!) or anything that collect dust. I have plenty of mugs at home. Please do not buy me Coffee Bean or Starbucks mug, I do not collect them. 

Some things I want. Now.

I only love 3 scents: Ralph, DKNY Be Delicious and Kenzo (Blue)
Pandora Charm
I started collecting charms from travels and buy something to remind me of my trip. I thought I want a charm to add on my bracelet to remind me of the #HarryBirthdayRuth
Please check this or this. 
(Teepee and Diane, I hope you guys are reading this)
SSI Purple Card

Just give me a Purple Card and I am all set. Thank you. 
Gold Name Necklace
I love my silver name necklace, but I want real gold name necklace. If you can point me to a good goldsmith (and give me discounts), that would be awesome. PS. I want real gold, not fake. 
Fuji Mirrorless Camera
I think I need a nice camera for my travels and quick snaps. This is pretty. 
I might update this list tomorrow. You can also make me happy by simply following me on instagram @ruthilicious and liking my fan pages. But please, don’t buy me fake followers and likes. Thank you!!!

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