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Valentine’s Day at Niu: #AVerySweetLoveAffair Filled with Lindor Chocolates + Win a Lunch Buffet for Two at Niu

February 10, 2016

Chocolates and flowers mostly make up the Valentine’s Day. A fancy dinner can spell it even more romantic. But what if we include luscious Lindor Chocolates in a luxurious menu to make Valentine’s Day #averysweetloveaffair?

Win a Lunch Buffet for two at Niu by Vikings.

My favorite, Niu by Vikings Restaurant is offering an interesting and special menu this Valentine’s Day. Can you imagine enjoying your soup and main course with Lindor Chocolate? Truly, we are not saving the best for dessert because the full course meal will be truly mouthfeel.
It is always nice to dine at Vikings or Niu at Vikings and see the familiar foodie friends. Again, I didn’t expect a date set-up but I spotted candles, wines and chocolates (and strawberries) in the table (!!!).

First on the menu,  we were served with SPICED LINDOR PROSCIUTTO BREAD that goes perfect with the NIU’S MINESTRONE. It is actually good on its own. I love the presentation of half heart bread in velvet red color with white coating. The kick of spice is surprisingly good. Perfect with the rich tomato flavor of minestrone. To give it a little more character, dip in a rich chocolate Lindor sauce served on the side.

I took a sip of Muscato as they started serving the mains. I love the  MENAGE Au TRIOS or Household of Three. The #TummyTraveler loves to call it the “laing”. I love the mix of flavors of  creamy truffled portobello, shitake and button mushrooms in a delicate pasta wrapping. The spinach filling is a celebration of greens in the rich pomodoro sauce. I wish I can ask for another serving.

But I was stopped as they served me with this PORK BELLY in LINDOR DARK CHOCOLATE BBQ GLAZE. It didn’t occur to me that Dark Chocolate and BBQ Sauce can go togther. Two of my favorite flavors. The Pork Belly just melted in my mouth together with its rich flavor.

(couples here and there.. haha)

For a little fancier course, here’s the  VEGETABLE STACK & PULLED GRASS-FED LAMB LEG. I am not much a lamb person, but I love how balanced this dish is. Take a bite of the molecular cockatail served on the side. The dish was served with a light cocktail.

The SPIT-ROASTED CHATEUBRIAND IN BLACK LINDOR TRUFFLE SAUCE is another interesting dish. The Chateaubriand is a thicker cut from the tenderloin fillet and is slow cooked to achieve the perfect medium rare perfection. A find the flavor a bit too strong for my taste. I love the presentation though with the pasta crown and flat bed of eggplant.

For dessert, we had a Love Triangle with LINDOR GANACHE, HAZELNUT BUTTERCREAM and COFFEE DIPLOMAT CAKE. What’s the best thing to describe this dessert? Sinfully good.

Everything is #ruthapproved!
To make the evening a lot even more sweet, I got this lovely cake from Niu by Vikings. Thank you for remembering and always inviting me to your awesome dinner and events. Unlike the very celebratory and festive birthday greetings from our favorite Vikings, Niu served the cake with a little lux and style. Thank you Niu and Raquel!

My evening ka-date (I had a morning ka-date – will tell you more about it on my next post).
 Truly, last night was #averysweetloveaffair especially when you are with couples who laugh and make fun of each other like they were just friends (hi Yen and Chuckie! #relationshipgoals!).
Lovely night with Chukie, Yen, Luke, Kat, Jeng, Rina, Raquel, Frank, Mae, Rodel, Oliver and Jill!
Here’s the treat guys, last year, I treated a reader to a buffet in Vikings. Now, I am giving you a chance to experience a romantic lunch buffet at Niu by Vikings and try the lavish dishes from the Niu x Lindor special menu. 
To join, simply join the rafflecopter giveaway:
Congratulations Diaz Loi! Please pm me via my fanpage to find out how to claim your prize!

The contest will be on until Friday February 12, 2016. 
The special Valentine’s Day Menu featuring
 #averysweetloveaffair Menu is available from February 13 to 16 only. 
Winner gets buffet dinner treat for two on a weekday LUNCH. You have the option to add for the difference to get a DINNER buffet. I will announce the winner in this blog and winner has to reserve a seat at Niu by Vikings. 
6th Floor Sm Aura
26th Street Cor
McKinley Parkway
478-3888, 847-3888, 0917-586-6888
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