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#FlyPAL75 Bloggers’ Night

March 18, 2016
pal bloggers night bamboo

Do you guys remember your first airplane experience? 

I remember mine. It was with Philippine Airlines. A pleasant and safe experience. It was also the Philippine Airlines which brought me to my first solo travel. It was Philippine Airlines that flew me across timezones and the airline that took care of me for 15 hours (non-stop flight) en route to London.

#FlyPAL75 PAL 75th Anniversary Bloggers’ Night

You can say that Philippine Airlines is my preferred airline for long-haul flights. I am certain that there are millions of Filipinos who prefer the country’s flag carrier when flying and traveling. I actually have accumulated Miles points from flying via PAL which already entitled me to a trip to European destinations (but I am still saving more). Mabuhay Miles also has a great customer service 🙂 
Last night, we celebrated Philippine Airline’s 75th Anniversary. It’s first take off to the City of Pines in 1941 with only 5 passengers now translates to 12 million passengers annually to four continents across the globe.

pal bloggers night bamboo

“As the national carrier flying the flag of the Republic, PAL occupies a special place in the hearts and minds of Filipinos around the world. But beyond its iconic status, PAL is one of the pillars of the Philippines economy” – PAL Chairman, Dr. Lucio Tan. 

Philippine Airlines, in its more than seven decades of operations, has remained steadfast in pursuing that premium brand of service, aimed at satisfying the needs and fancies of its passengers. And as it celebrates its 75 years in the airline industry, PAL is again set to make history with the launch of its new anniversary campaign dubbed “The Heart of the Filipino”

During the event, they asked us to post our answer to the question “How would you define  #HeartoftheFilipino?”

pal bloggers night bamboo

This is a usual event scenario when there’s an Instagram contest. 
In this case, we kept on searching for the perfect photo to use with our caption 🙂

I posted my answer on Instagram. I felt that Filipinos love to dream, explore and travel but we always think of our family and we always go home to our family – to share our stories and successes. I always feel it whenever I travel – I always wish my family (especially mom) can see the beautiful things I am seeing from different parts of the globe. 
Photo taken during #RuthGoestoCebu (and yes, we flew in via PAL!) 

Can you recall the last time you travel, as soon as the plane landed, we immediately turn on our phone and connect with our loved ones. In the arrival area, we see them – stories of love, reunions and hope. Every PAL aircraft must have witnessed different family stories. 
I am feeling a little bit emotional here (the truth is.. I am itching to travel and to write about travel stories). Anyway, to make the event a lot more fun and meaningful.. 

pal bloggers night bamboo

pal bloggers night bamboo

pal bloggers night bamboo
I have seen and experienced several Bamboo private concerts and I would never get tired of him.
Read the bloggers’ singing session with Coach Bamboo here. 

It was fun when the band started playing a different tune and he had to go to them and asked – 
“what’s up?”
Well.. it seemed that PAL prepared a surprise birthday presentation for him. Sweet!!!
pal bloggers night bamboo

Three new TV commercials are set to showcase PAL’s latest song entitled, “The Heart of the Filipino,” which was sung by three of the country’s top voices – Bamboo, Sarah Geronimo and Lea Salonga. Through this distinct branding, the airline company has brandished the genuine Filipino hospitality that allowed PAL to stand out for more than seven decades, the beauty of the Philippine islands, as well as the Filipinos’ persevering spirit and happy disposition. 
They also showed us the video created and shot in different locations Japan (Bamboo), New York (Lea) and Boracay (Sarah). I love the beautiful shots in Bamboo’s video and I am now dreaming of Japan (!!!)

“As you journey through life in the years to come, we commit to bringing the best of the Philippines and the best of the Filipino to you — the friendliness of our people and our waterproof spirit, the beauty of our islands, the splendor of our sunsets, the wonderful variety of our delicious cuisines, the richness of our history and culture and the fun in our everyday life. Philippine Airlines  has excelled and succeeded because we have the Heart of the Filipino that always shines through,” said PAL Vice President for Marketing Ria C. Domingo.  

 The new PAL ads which was created in collaboration with their advertising agency, the multi-awarded Ogilvy & Mather Philippines,  will create the desire to travel, to discover the Philippines, and to see the world, and to do so in style and in comfort, with the service that comes from the Heart of the Filipino.

pal bloggers night bamboo

pal bloggers night bamboo

pal bloggers night bamboo
(1) with NognogintheCity, #lapetite and #savesara (2) Melo, Kumagcow (3) Rodel Flordeliz, Sarah Tirona, Paul Chuapoco, Tracy Ayson, Ana Gonzales, Seph Cham, Trice Nagusara, Aisa Ipac, Christine Liwag

Thank you so much PAL for having us!
Wishing the flag carrier more safe flights and travel destinations!

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