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Filipino Party Favorites: Food Tray Delivery

June 17, 2016
Filipino Party Favorites: Food Tray Delivery

Food Party Trays and Delivery in a Hospital? Sabs Party Trays

Affordable Food Trays, Party Packages and Packed Lunch Boxes Delivery in Metro Manila.

If there is any place that I dislike in the world – it is the hospital. 
I used to dread visiting a hospital until I got used to its feel after my mom had a series of surgery in the past year. Last month, we had to stay in the hospital for 4 days because my mom had a Masectomy.
Aside from the crazy hospital bills, what worries me is the lack of available food choices and healthy options in the hospital. I thought I would live with fastfood and pizza deliveries. 
Thankfully, my friend Angeli sent sample of her party food packages.
Sab’s Party Trays previously sent me Food Party Trays on my birthday and they even catered during my party. 

food party packages in manila

I never realized that I can actually order food party trays to be delivered in the hospital. I love Sabs Party Trays because they offer home-cooked meals and regional favorites. 
Sabs Party Packages
Beef Kaldereta 
food party packages in manila
One of my favorites!!! There’s generous beef chunks in hearty tomato sauce with lots of olives, button mushrooms, potatoes and carrots. 
food party packages in manila
Lechon Kawali

food party packages in manila

Who can resist this putok-batok goodness? It was delivered fresh and crunchy. The pork is of good quality (unlike the other food catering I have tasted). The bonus – lots of greens and sauce!
food party packages in manila
Fresh Lumpia

food party packages in manila
food tray delivery in manila

To give balance on the food party package, Sabs Party Trays included Fresh Lumpia in the delivery. What makes it special? The wrap is made of eggroll crepe. Ground pork, shrimps stir-fried with carrots, green beans, potatoes, sweet potatoes, jicama, cabbage, and parsley in a fresh green lettuce leaf. They included minced garlic and roasted nuts in the package to complete the native lumpia experience! 
My mom’s doctor loves it!
Chicken Adobo in Coconut Cream

food tray delivery in manila
Aside from the usual favorites, Sabs Party Trays also offers regional dishes like this Chicken Adobo in Coconut Cream. Everyone’s favorite Adobo with its main ingredients – vinegar, soy sauce and black peppercorn cooked even better with creamy coconut milk.
food tray delivery in manila

It was my first time to try this kind of Adobo and it is just perfect! I never realized I would love it because I am very careful with coconut milk. I love how the green finger chili peppers add colors and flavor on the dish. The salted egg on the side makes everything perfect!
The food party package comes with Rice Pilaf . 
Sab’s Party Trays is sweet enough to throw in some  paper plates + plastic spoons and forks in the delivery. I came unprepared for the 4-day “staycation” in the hospital. 
If you are looking for a good food delivery service and food party trays, you can check out Sabs Party Trays. 
Food Party Packages start at Php 2,900 to Php 10,000 (good for 10 to 12 pax).
Check out the Food Party Packages and the Menu.
Sabs Party Trays also offer packed meals and lunch boxes for your events. 

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