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Hot Star Large Fried Chicken: Fried Chicken That is as Big as My Face

June 23, 2016
hot star philippines

Hot Star Large Fried Chicken, the number 1 fried chicken shop in Taiwan, finally landed at our doorstep.
Okay, not that I am opening a kiosk at home. But, our friends from Hot Star Philippines sent us a tasty (and large) meal for lunch today. 
I can’t believe that this is the first time I am tasting Taiwan’s finest – after two years since it has arrived in the Philippines in 2014. It started in 1992 as a little kiosk in Taiwan. Now, you can find Hot Star Large Fried Chicken in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Macau, Singapore, Indonesia and Australia.  I have been hearing good reviews about Hot Star from friends. Now it is time to share my verdict. 
First, when I got the package, my senses caught the flavor and different aroma. It was hypnotizing, I found it hard to take photos of the meals. Here’s the quick spread of what we got on the mail:
Signature Original Large Chicken Ala Carte (Salt and Pepper) Php 145

hot star philippines
They were not kidding when they say that Hot Star Large Fried Chicken’s serving can be as big as one’s face. I didn’t want to do a comparison photo, but just look at how big the serving is for Php 145 meal. It occupied half of the plate 🙂 I love that I can enjoy my chicken meat without struggling to get it out of the bone. Salt and Pepper is a classic flavor which is perfect with the Sticky Rice. Next time I will try the other flavors. 
hot star philippines
Spaghetti Php 60

hot star philippines spaghetti

My mom loves the Spaghetti. Simple yet flavorful.
Chicken Skin (Chili Pepper and Red Hot)Php 45
hot star philippines chicken skin
hot star philippines chicken skin
These are legit chicken skin servings, not just fried strip of chicken skin and flour. For Php 45 per stick, these are addicting. It can be a meal on its own. I tried the Chili Pepper and Red Hot but there are other flavors to try like Salt and Pepper, BBQ, and Sweet & Sour.
Signature Crispy Fish Ala Carte (Sweet and Sour) Php 110

hot star philippines chicken skin

Here’s something for a healthier option, big serving of Sweet and Sour Fish Fillet which is also good for sharing. The fish is fresh and tasty. A better deal than ordering from your favorite Chinese restaurant? 🙂
Hot Star Chicken Burger Php 80

hot star philippines chicken skin

For quick fixes, you can order the Hot Star Chicken Burger Php 80. Unlike the Chicken serving, this burger is a little conservative (but still with generous chicken fillet inside soft bun). 
I haven’t been to Taiwan, nor tried the Hot Star in Taiwan – but with Hot Star’s Fillet Technique and Special Marination process, we can guarantee that we are enjoying the #LargeFriedChicken experience that is known in Taiwan. 
I heard that Hot Star Philippines’ stores are instagrammable in its unique, simple way. So I am looking at visiting one of the branches. 
Check out all the Hot Star Philippines locations
Check out and Hot Star on Facebook for more information and updates!
Thank you for today’s #LargeFriedChicken meal, Hot Star Philippines!
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