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Craft Beer Stories

July 18, 2016
craft beer stories

I wish to tell you about the local craft beers that we had, but a bigger part of my mind would prefer to share stories from last night. 

I met up with two of my good friends last night. They are nice enough to join me in a short store visit before we headed to Century City Mall for dinner. I thought it would be sweet to take a photo of them. But looks like they were planning on something… Hmmm…

We seldom see each other – and I always wish that they were also blogging (or that we work in the same office) so I could see them everyday. We only get to see each other thrice a year – my birthday, D’s birthday and T’s birthday. I am happy that this year, we get to see each other much often. 
[Emo Paragraph Alert]

It is always table for 3 for us. They are fun to be with, they understand my quirkiness, they get kilig too over my kilig stories and they we don’t push ourselves to get a boyfriend (or girlfriend) or get married or have kids. I hate it when some of the people I know would push me to do things just because those worked for them (like having kids outside wedlock). 
We had dinner at Hole in the Wall. I was craving for some good chicken and corn on the cob. Bad Bird saved the night. They had pasta. I don’t know what else to say about their food but I promised to cook pasta for them next time.

Almost always twining. We always wear almost the same clothes 🙂 
T was sleepy even after we had coffee. D and I talked about life and how the law of attraction worked for me and her friend. T was in zzzzz-land. 
I told her how I never really planned my life. How I just envisioned things to be. When I use the hashtag #whatRuthwantsRuthgets – it is not because I was bragging – it is because it is true to my life.  Hashtag #blessed. Hashtag #pakganern. 
mountain king beer
D was craving for good beer and we had a little adventure at BrewFestMNL. We love the couple beside us who were so into each other. They were too cute – like the kind of couple who is still at the “getting-to-know-each-other” stage. They were dancing, talking and laughing. They were in sync but they were not physical. They had their own little world in the sea of beer-drinking crowd and trance music.
I wonder if the guy’s name is Pedro. When was the last time you had that moment with someone? When you guys feel totally connected? 
pedro local beer
pedro local beer
I and D had our moment too. 
brewfest mnl 2016
Girl friend. 

We love the vibe in Brewfest MNL last night. People were there “not to be seen” but because they love beer. I was there to support local and support my friend’s craving for good beer (thank you to our friends from BrewFest for the invite!).

I just want to tell my friends how much I appreciate them. I am still sad over the passing of a blogger friend, Mommy Jen. It is a reminder that we should always tell our loved ones how much we love them, it could be the first time you would see them. 

brewfest mnl 2016
Thank you for the ride T!
I have a gazillion deadlines but I chose to write about this story. Because that’s how I started blogging anyway. Btw, I started using a new photo filter + those texts on the photos are my real handwriting 🙂 I do missed writing. 
How’s your weekend? 
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