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Bird House, Uptown Mall: Fried Chicken + 5 Sauces

August 27, 2016
bird house uptown mall philippines
Bird House is a new restaurant in Uptown Mall, BGC that serves everyone’s favorite comfort food crispy fried chicken! What makes it different from your favorite chicken house? The variety of sauces you can choose from and the crispy chicken skin that you get on the side!
We got to check out the Bird House in Uptown Mall, BGC before its official opening on Septermber 1, 2016!

Located at the 4th Level of Uptown Mall in BGC, the Fort, Bird House opened its “bird houses” for media guests to try the (would-be) newest chicken craze in town (I declare!)

I got all my chicken appetite ready. I was presented with the menu and lots of chicken choices!
Bird House is going to make it easy for you. Just choose from 5 Banyards depending on your appetite!
bird house uptown mall philippines
Banyard A (Php 165) Birdhouse Chicken tenders + Dirty Rice + One Sauce + Crispy Chicken Skin
bird house uptown mall philippines
Banyard B (Php 170) One Piece Chicken + One side + One Sauce + Crispy Chicken Skin
bird house uptown mall philippines
Banyard C (Php 220) One Piece Chicken + Two Sides + One Sauce + Chicken Crispy Skin
bird house uptown mall philippines
Banyard D (Php 255) Two Pieces Chicken + One Side + One Sauce + Crispy Chicken Skin
bird house uptown mall philippines
Banyard E (Php 290) Salted Egg Chicken Lava Sandwich + One Side
For dessert, we had this Waffle with Ice Cream and Chicken Skin! Oh my gosh! 
bird house uptown mall philippines
Let’s do a quick Bird House Review:
bird house uptown mall philippines

It is an “open” restaurant which is true to its menu – the mood is relaxed.  Comfortable chairs and tables perfect for groups and friends (or dates). 
The counter has nice display of instagrammable pieces. Simple, functional and relaxed. 

I really love the Bird House chicken – which I think can stand on its own. But let’s not forget the perfectly crafted sauces! I had two piece chicken (I was that hungry!) which are generously big, crunchy and tasty that reminds me of home cooked fried chicken. I love that the chicken IS NOT BLOODY. Don’t you just hate it when you see red and dark spots on your white meat (or maybe it is just me). The serving is generous and I REALLY love the chicken skin on the side! The sauces made all the difference. I wish they would soon sell them in bottles 🙂 The rice is all good – they call it DIRTY RICE. But I would still prefer a white rice 🙂 

I also got to taste the other side dishes – the fries is somewhat on the salty (they say) but it was all good to me. I love the Coleslaw with its tangy, spicy kick. 
The Salted Egg Chicken Lava Sandwich in Black Bun is a different kind of sandwich experience – imagine a whole salted egg wrapped in chicken goodness? The bun is black because it is infused with squid ink (ah, clever?). That looks a bit intimidating but it is all lavishing and good. 

It was a busy press launch but I love that servers were attentive and quick at taking orders and attending to guests’ needs. Orders might take a while but they guarantee that they are serving based on the quality that they want Bird House to be known for. Patience is a virtue. 

Total Damage

The banyards and meals are really affordable! The most expensive is the Lava Chicken Sandwich (Php 290) which is good for two. Really heavy. You only need Php 250 for a decent meal 🙂 
Plastic Money

I was planning to have some take aways but the store didn’t have POS (yet) during the press launch. It would be safe to bring cash first during store opening on September 1st!
bird house uptown mall philippines


There is one near the store 🙂 
Dress Code

Very relaxed! Come as you are! Keep your skimpy dresses and high heels at home 🙂


Families, friends and couples – I see them groups got curious when they passed by the store. 🙂  Everyone wants a fried chicken (?)

The Verdict

Bird House is not just another chicken house in town. The house offers something new (and a variety of sauces!) to the customers. Let’s do permutation and think how many ways we can enjoy chicken and Bird House’s banyard meals with 5 different sauces – Peach Barbeque, Green Goddess, Truffle Ketchup, Garlic Ranch or Milk Gravy.
I love the Truffle Ketchup but I go for the Peach Barbeque for enjoying the Bird House chicken. 
I wish they would start selling JUST the Chicken Crispy Skin!
My date because I missed the Train to Busan (preview)
Kidding aside, thank you Duane-y for joining me that night 🙂 

Check out Bird House as it opens on September 1st!
Follow @birdhouseph and post your photos with hashtag #frybirdiefry
I want to see which ones your faves 🙂 

Bird House
4th Level, Uptown Mall
BGC, Fort, Taguig
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