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Travel Vlog: Coron, Palawan with Youtuber Wil Dasovich + Travel Bloggers

August 29, 2016

Recording Life is a Poor Substitute for Living It – The Geography of Bliss.

… I agree. The very reason I do not do Snap Chats or IG stories. BUT I do record rare/fun/once-in-a-lifetime moments especially during travels. I have a couple of unpublished videos I keep for personal consumption and I always love going back to these old files and memories.
Anyway, I thought I would share some random clips from Coron, Palawan travel this month. We explored the islands with Youtuber Wil Dasovich. He’s super fun and he encourages us to vlog more. I wish I were that skilled and talented at recording moments and actually living it. (PS. Belated Happy Birthday Wil!!!)

Hands down to Youtubers who do amazing job at recording life and presenting it in such a fun way (+ keeping their viewers engaged!).
Anyway, here’s the short clip from random clips taken in Coron. We both experienced rain and shine when we went. It is not really a vlog. But, do enjoy 😀
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