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Cloud 9 Moments

September 26, 2016
Cloud 9 Moments

Share Your Cloud 9 Moments
I cannot count how many times I felt like I was in Cloud 9. Simple things make me happy and I always celebrate even small achievements. 
Special moments can happen anytime, anywhere – and even though there is social media, I still choose to live the moment and enjoy every minute of it. 
A few of my favorite Cloud 9 Moments include scoring a great sale find, getting a visa approved, throwing a birthday party and even as simple as talking to my crush (#kilig!).
Of course, there are bigger Cloud 9 Moments when I felt like I was literally floating and flying – just like my Sky Dive experience...
Cloud 9 Moments
And visiting a place like the Great Wall.
Cloud 9 Moments
But my favorite is riding a broom at the Hogwarts. 😀 
Cloud 9 Moments
In times when we feel like we owned the world, it is best enjoyed with the all-time feel-good chocolate bar from Jack n Jill. Throughout the years, Cloud 9 has delivered its chocolate goodness to Filipinos. It advocates positivity by spreading good vibes and reminding people that there are countless reasons to celebrate life’s special moments.  
Cloud 9 believes that life’s special moments should be captured, enjoyed and shared with others. With this in mind, the brand encourages the netizens to upload photos of their “Cloud 9 moments” through their own Facebook or Instagram account with the official hashtag #Cloud9Moment.

Cloud 9 Moments
Cloud 9 Moments

The campaigns aims to gather millions of Cloud 9 moments which will be showcased along the Metro, for everyone to celebrate and be inspired by. 
Sharing your Cloud 9 Moment will truly inspire others to spread positivity. You may also get a chance to win special prizes. Check out for more information. 
I have another #Cloud9Moment that I cannot share just yet!!! Keep following me @ruthilicious! 
What’s your favorite Cloud 9 Moment?

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