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#ShakeysMoments with Lucky Manzano

September 1, 2016
lucky manzano shakeys
We all have our #ShakeysMoments – from celebrating family milestones, bonding with friends and just having me-time.  More than the delicious thin crust pizza, mojo”s and chicken, Shakey’s Moments are best highlighted with the good times and great moments we shared. 
I have countless #ShakeysMoments to share but one that is fun to share is playing Family Feud and meeting Luis “Lucky” Manzano! How lucky can we get? 

Shakey’s decided to find a special someone who will best represent what they stand for and the special connection they have with their Guests. Self-confessed Shakey’s fan – Luis Manzano is the newest member of the Shakey’s family. 

Luis is fun. He can be everyone’s friend. His character and personality very much relates to the brand. He loves his family and he has a great network of friends” – Ghena Austero, Marketing Manager of Shakey’s Philippines. 

Luis is a true fan of Shakey’s. He shared that he is excited to be part of Shakey’s family. He confessed that a few years ago when he was still not in show business, he once tweeted that he was able to finish a whole box of Shakey’s pizza (I could do the same!). His favorite is the Pepperoni pizza. 
shakeys lucky manzano
I have witnessed how fun and friendly he is in person – accommodating all selfie requests and video birthday greets! (I am turning into an instant fan again :D)
My mom and I always watch Family Feud on weekends so it was fun to be able to play the game during the Shakey’s event. Twinnie Charlene tagged me on the game – I was a bit hesitant because … (1) what if my mind goes blank ? (2) what if I say the craziest thing? 
Well, the game turned out okay – and in our favor! Yay! Love that most of the questions are about Shakey’s! We won! The only thing – I almost smashed the buzzer broken! And that’s how we create great moments! 
Some fun #ShakeysMoments
shakeys lucky manzano
with Marjorie, Michael, Charlene and Rodel
shakeys lucky manzano
We won! Pizza Party!!!
shakeys lucky manzano
Rodel, Michael, Charlene and I played in the arcade room after the event 🙂 
shakeys lucky manzano
We won 33 tickets and got souvenir bracelets Haha
shakeys lucky manzano
Luis Manzano is super game to have selfies and photos with Shakey’s guests and crew. Cute!
What are your favorite #ShakeysMoments ?
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