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Kipling x Alexandra Levasseur + Fall Collection

October 2, 2016
Kipling Alexandra Levasseur  Collection Price
Kipling does know how to make me happy. A new Kipling store has opened in SM Mall of Asia with a big sale event and introduction of the newest Kipling x Alexandra Levasseur and Fall Collection

Kipling Fall Collection
We know Kipling as a brand that carries (too) colorful yet functional and durable bags perfect for everyday use and travel escapades. For those who love minimalist and sleek design, you will fall in love with the Kipling Fall Collection 2016. 
I love the stylish, functional collection of sleek bags that is perfect for every occasion – more importantly, easy to pair with any ensembles.  The bags are  waterproof,   lightweight,   have   multiple compartments and zippers, secure fasteners, and don’t forget the signature Monkey key chain.
Works Collection

Kipling Fall Collection

I can see myself owning one. A perfect collection for any professional women balancing their work and home life. With rich and  luxurious  coloured  designs  and  an  added  key  feature  of  padded  shoulder straps,  this  collection  offers lightweight  and  diverse  styles  that  help  ease  the  load off  any  one’s  shoulders  while  allowing  easy  pairing  of outfits throughout the work week. 
Basic Plus Capsule Collection
I instantly fell in love with the collection’s color – Berry hues and a rich palette of  fierce  Red  and  elderberry  or  autumnal  pops  of  Plum  and  Yellow. Each bag is a statement to (my favorite) black ensemble. 
Kipling Fall Collection
A  new  addition  to  Kipling’s  vast  product  offering  is  the Faye Fever bag,  a  chic  embossed  and  printed  nylon designed and created by heated embossed rollers, giving  the range a unique 3D look that comes in  warm fall hues as well as stunning gradient pink, which makes it wearable for all occasions.   
Kipling Fall Collection
Orintia Bag 

I really love how simple this bag is – spacious and sturdy that would allow me to bring my laptop anywhere I go. 
Kipling Fall Collection
Earthbeat Bag
I instantly fell in love with this bag because it is a cross-body bag which can be worn as sling bag. The color is a classic grey and black and the silver Monkey key fob adds sophistication in it.
Basic Plus Collection

Kipling Fall Collection
Kipling does not forge simple, casual and functional accessories. Bright  seasonal  shades adorn  new  key  pieces  such  as  the Elysia Bag in  Berry,  which  is  a  fresh  style  modified  from  Orelie,  Kipling’s best-selling handbag. Also available is the Syroin Plum Purple, providing essential spacious compartments to organize   every   day   essentials,   while   the Brownie Purse in   Berry   allows   carrying   around   valuables   in   a compact yet stylish wallet.  Completing the range is the stunning Korea Dot Print, a  new print  for Kipling Asia.  This new color accentuates Kipling’s classic DefeaS bag and is sure to put the new collection with smiles on everyone’s faces. 
City Capsule Collection 
Originally designed for fun day trips, I still see the City Capsule Collection as something sleek and sophisticated. The extensive line utilizes new woven and cracked metal style fabrics that are full of personality and flair. 
Kipling Fall Collection
The interesting design can be seen in Bagtrack backpack. It is casual and functional that can be also carried by hand.  The  Sophronia in Plum Metal, a small shoulder bag  with an array of  well-designed compartments is another favorite as it is perfect for day trips and stroll around the mall. For traveling in style, the Luxestagious in Diamond Black by Alexandra Levasseur is a new large A4-fitting shoulder bag  with leather handles. It looks sturdy, spacious and stylish that you wouldn’t mind carrying it around during long travels. 
Kipling x Alexandra Levasseur 
Canadian  painter  and  illustrator  Alexandra  Levasseur, shared her artwork and creation as backdrop in the newest Kipling Alex in Bloom Collection. Alex whose  works  have  been  featured  in  international magazines  and  festivals,  as   well  as  exhibited   in  prestigious  museums  and  galleries. One  of  Alexandra Levasseur’s  career  highlight  was  her  series  of  illustrations  for  SHOW studio  during  Fashion  Week  in  Milan where  she  created  artwork  pieces  that  represented  her  interpretation  of  famous  Italian  designers  such  as Prada,  Gucci  and  Versace.
Kipling Alexandra Levasseur  Collection Price
Kipling Alexandra Levasseur  Collection Price
The Kipling x Alexandra Levasseur Collection is a play of Diamond  Blacks,  Vibrant  Reds  and  Jazzy  Blues  to Kipling’s  usually  vibrant  styles.  Each piece features  steely  toned  blooms  and  winter  florals. The print highlights elements  of Kipling’s  trademark  monkey and Alexandra  Levasseur’s  signature  mishmash  design,  evoking  memories of the Fall Season. I instantly fell in love with the Backpack. 
Event Photos below from the Kipling SM Mall of Asia opening where they hold a VIP Sale offering 50% off on Kipling bags. 

Kipling SM Mall of Asia
Kipling SM Mall of Asia
Kipling Alexandra Levasseur  Collection
What is your favorite from the collection?
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