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Almost Romantic Lunch at Beukenhof Restaurant (Yogyakarta, Indonesia)

November 3, 2016
Beukenhof Restaurant Yogyakarta Indonesia

Almost Romantic Lunch at Beukenhof Restaurant (Yogyakarta, Indonesia)
#TripofWonders #WonderfulIndonesia Day 2

After I fell in love with the beautiful Ullen Sentalu Museum, it was time to be romantic with my stomach. Don’t judge me, I always think with my stomach and my mood depends on how happy it is. Just right beside the Ullen Sentalu Museum is Beukenhof  Restaurant.  

Its interior is a good mix of elegance and comfort perfect for taking photos. I love the al fresco dining with the beautiful view of the greens that provide fresh, cool ventilation in the restaurant.

Beukenhof Restaurant Yogyakarta Indonesia
Beukenhof Restaurant Yogyakarta Indonesia
We found our sweet spot in one of the rooms where we enjoyed plated lunch of steaks and salmons. Beukelenhof Restaurant serves European and French cuisines. It must be the romantic ambiance that gave @sephcham the go signal to open the topic about love and love life – or the lack of it? (what?!). 

The topic seemed to carry too much emotions that we chose to speak in our mother tongue (while Kama pretended he understood most of the stories. Well, he does understand some Tagalog words – he is a multilingual!). I could tell that the antique pieces inside the room were listening to our stories. 
Beukenhof Restaurant Yogyakarta Indonesia
with @tricenagusara @sephcham @kamabtara @rodelflordeliz and @kistymea
It is one of the best lunches I had in Indonesia. Capping off the meal with desserts of Strawberry Cheesecake and Choco Lava Cake.

Beukenhof Restaurant Yogyakarta Indonesia
Grilled Salmon
Beukenhof Restaurant Yogyakarta Indonesia
Seared Tenderloin – I had brains for lunch.
Beukenhof Restaurant Yogyakarta Indonesia
I did a quick snap of this dessert – because I couldn’t wait to eat it. Sorry. Blurred.
Beukenhof Restaurant Yogyakarta Indonesia
I grabbed this photo and actual dessert from @rodelflordeliz 

It seems that most of the guests dined in after a visit at the Ullen Sentalu Museum. The Beukenhof  Restaurant is really nice except that, I was expecting a fancier restroom.  😀

Do eat out for lunch or dinner at this restaurant. I think you need a budget of around $7 to $15 USD for the food but it is all worth it. No need for fancy dresses especially if you are going with friends. Come as you are. But it would be nice to dress nicely for some #ootd photos 😉 

Beukenhof Restaurant Yogyakarta Indonesia

How I Behave When I am Hangry

After lunch, we headed to our hotel Royal Ambarrukmo Hotel where we were welcomed with Royal Tea Ceremony.
… to be continued.

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Love Stories in Ullen Sentalu Museum

Beukenhof Restaurant
Kawasan Museum Ullen Sentalu, 
Jl. Boyong Km. 25, Kaliurang Barat, 
Kabupaten Sleman, Daerah Istimewa 
Yogyakarta, Indonesia

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