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A Surprise Package from LBC! #SorpresaPadala

December 7, 2016
A Surprise Package from LBC! #SorpresaPadala
Truth be told, we never experienced receiving a Balikbayan Box at home (which is completely fine especially sending gifts from abroad can be very costly – and there are chances they would be lost).

That is why, it is always a delight to receive and unbox #bloggermails (what is a bloggermail? read about my bloggermail project) . It is always a good feeling to know that someone remembers you. 

Last night, I receive a special package from LBC (take note, not via LBC) – from LBC! It was truly a #sorpresapadala! 

I love handwritten notes 🙂

I love planning surprises and it is good to be on a receiving end this time. My friends once planned a surprise birthday dinner for me, but I kind of had an idea about it –  but I was thankful just the same.

We have been using LBC for years – I think, since I was 13 and my sister was then, in a long distance relationship with her ex-boyfriend (now hubby) to send love letters and packages. This was the days when not everyone has access to internet or instant messaging app. We can say, LBC kept their love alive despite distance. 
Since then and after they got married, we use LBC to send her and her family gift boxes from Manila to Cebu, Bohol, Samar and now, Davao where they are currently assigned. 
We love how reliable and efficient LBC service is. We never worry about lost or damaged packages.  
Now that I got an LBC #SorpresaPadala at home, now I know how it feels to receive a surprise gift package! Yay!
What’s inside the LBC #SorpresaPadala?

A note from the LBC corporate team – and Holiday gifts and treats that I could share with my family!

Sweets and Treats perfect to munch this Holiday!
Thank you so much LBC!!!

You too can send gifts and surprise packages to your loved ones via LBC. 
LBC delivers goods from parcels, documents and gift boxes. 
You can also send money and remit to account via LBC or pay bills. 

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