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My #BloggerMail Project

June 21, 2016

What is a bloggermail? A blogger mail? 

I love it when friends would tell me they always look forward to seeing my #bloggermail posts on Instagram and Facebook. 

My blogger friends and immediate social media circle love this too (even if they do receive their own #bloggermails). They say, I coined the term #bloggermail and everyone just started using it everytime they receive something from the brand or PR contact. I didn’t actually invented the term. I am sure I have seen it online and just started using it more often in the Filipino Blogging Community. 

What really is a #bloggermail? 

What really is a #bloggermail? 

Any material, gift or kit that is sent by a brand or Public Relations Agency to a blogger delivered via mail or courier service (or company messenger). The material or gift can be an introduction to a new product or service (or brand campaign). The gift is usually wrapped and/or boxed in beautiful packages and comes with personalized note. Yes, they are instagrammable!

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of #bloggermail 
I have to tell you that I got overly excited when I first started receiving #bloggermail! I personally love well-thought and curated gifts and personalized notes. When I started doing full-time blogging, #bloggermail /s arrive at home everyday – they come in different sizes and shapes. There came a point when I started receiving a lot and they were piling up – I dreaded receiving more (because it means more backlogs on my part). 
The good and beauty of receiving bloggermail /s [  it feels like Christmas or Birthday everyday. I love the joy of unboxing every #bloggermail (my mom oftentimes is more excited about it!).

I also feel that PR and brands are becoming more and more creative with the #bloggermails 🙂

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Boggermails or Press Kits are nice gestures to promote a new brand, service, product or cause. My friends who are not bloggers would tell me they always hear about what’s new from my blog and posts. My sister said, she would always follow the hashtag I use for #bloggermails.
Interestingly, I found out that in other countries (like in US), brands do not usually give extra effort in preparing their press kits. As on of my influencer friends told me, they are not very pleasant when you unbox them. Simply, they are not “instagrammable”.

The Bad Thing – when #bloggermails started piling up and I no longer have time to take a photo of the item, gift or presskit to post them timely before the campaign ends. I am always and forever thankful for the brands who trust my blog and I feel responsible to post ALL the items I am receiving at home. Thank you guys!!! 

The Ugly Truth – I heard stories that some bloggers and influencers would “try to solicit” products from brands and PR companies when they see #bloggermails posted by other bloggers. My friends and I “raised our eyebrows in chorus” (playful phrase taken from @rodmagaru) when we heard about it. That was the initial reaction. Probably because that was not the practice when I was starting to work with brands. But now, I care less about who gets what. All have work to do 🙂

People should understand that brands and PR companies choose the bloggers and influencers who they want to work with depending on the brand and their client’s profile. They check the reach, the audience, the network’s purchasing power and the profile of their influencers. At least that’s the idea in the perfect world. That’s how I would do it if I am handling a certain brand. 🙂

My #Bloggermail Project
Last year, I started with a #bloggermail project. I asked friends for their mailing addresses and I sent them gifts via mail. Thankfully, we have reliable courier service in the Philippines like Xend. 
I want them to experience the same feeling of receiving a #bloggermail or gift at home! I have sent some to my friends, PR friends, and even readers. I carefully wrapped their gifts (I usually recycle – going green!) and add a personal note. 

This #bloggrmail project is still on, so if I randomly ask for your mailing address, please do respond. #Bloggermail is on its way to your doorstep. 🙂

I am just thinking of a good hashtag to use for all the gifts I have sent. Any suggestions? 

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