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June 20, 2016

What Finding Dory Really Teaches Us: Life Lessons & Saving the Sea

finding dory lessons

What Finding Dory Really Teaches Us: Life Lessons & Saving the Sea
Finding Dory Life Lessons:

There's so many lessons that we can pick from the movie - love for family, teamwork, loyalty, importance of friendship and patience. But I feel like highlighting these lessons that some might have probably missed between the funny lines and colorful animation in Finding Dory. 

Here's a confession, I love the beach but I am afraid of the sea. It may look calm with its perfect blue color reflecting the sky, but I know deep down is a mystery and a different world underwater. 

Finding Nemo and Finding Dory gave us a colorful snap shot of what it is like living, surviving and getting lost in their own world - and in our world (very much like the feels of traveling and exploring new cities - alone).  Read my first solo travel here. 

I had a wonderful time watching the movie #FindingDory yesterday. Thank you to the wonderful friends at Globe #enjoyglobe. 

My friend and I had a great time - we were laughing so loudly, much more louder than the kids'! 

Here are the 5 Lessons from Finding Dory that I want to share. 

1. Finding Balance in Courage and Caution. Whenever we find ourselves in a situation when we need to decide, we always think of grabbing the best opportunity and applying YOLO (you only live once). I think it is important to always make informed decisions and know your priorities. Think of pros and cons. Have faith in God and believe in yourself. More importantly, no regrets. 

2. Confidence in Disability. Remember Dory's friend - the Octopus? Hank, who she calls Septopus because he only has 7 tentacles. It teaches us that even if you are not perfect, you have disability or (you feel that) you failed, you can still do great things. 

3. Believe in Yourself and Give a Pat on the Back. I know a friend who is so talented, but he has such low self esteem. It helps to have people around you to help you build your confidence (Dory is lucky to have such supportive parents). If you know someone who is doing a great job, praise him/her and be generous with complements. Give and you'll receive :) 

4. The Fish Should Be in the Ocean. Yes, we love Finding Nemo and Finding Dory. The sad story after the Finding Nemo movie was released, everyone wants to keep a clownfish at home. 
Mllions of clownfish were plucked from coral reefs and plunged into aquaria. Clownfish sales jumped 40% and many reefs were left without the happily-dancing orange fish. Sadly, many of them died at the hands of well-meaning but inexperienced aquarists – because those pretty marine fish are also pretty hard to keep. :( I hope this won't happen after the release of Finding Dory. We need to keep the balance in ecosystem. We can still see them in their natural habitat - we just need to travel and explore :) 

5. Patience and Ask for What You Want. Ellen de Generes does know how to ask for what she wanted - and so it happened. For many years, she has been mentioning in her show how much she wanted to have a sequel for Finding Nemo. 

I know people who always complain about their work, how they feel unappreciated and just keep on ranting. I say, take charge. Ask for what you want and provide support why you deserve it. You know my mantra #whatRuthwantsRuthgets. I use a tested formula on it. But please, tone down on self-entitlement. 

What life lessons have you learned from Finding Dory?

On a separate note, SM Cinema invites families to just keep swimming at the Mall of Asia.  At the MOA activity center, a Dory-themed exhibit features games such as the Water Tank Escape: help Dory escape from the Marine Life Institute’s water tank by finding her in a wind tunnel filled with different fish! Bring Dory home through the buzz wire game where players are tasked to go through an electric maze taking Dory from the far flung ends of the sea to her family. Help her remember her past by playing memory game and take a selfie with Dory at the Exploreum. 
Check out  www.smcinema.com for more updates.

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