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K Beauty at Watson’s + My Faves

January 24, 2017

K Beauty at Watson’s

Everyone is loving the Korean Culture  – from upbeat KPOP playlists, to addicting Korean Dramas, to KBeauty!

People I know are so obsessed with anything and everything Korean – including their (beauty) habits. I cannot blame them as Koreans have set the “beauty and skin pegs” that we are all envious of. Who can resist the quirky Korean Beauty products that come in super cute packaging that actually works too! I am seriously becoming a convert especially that KBeauty are much more accessible in the Philippine market now via Watson’s!

I missed the official launch of the KBeauty at Watson’s last week. But our friends from #SparkIt sent me a fun #bloggermail so I can check out the items in the KBeauty Section of Watson’s. 
Watson’s iis curating the hottest and trendiest Korean skin care and beauty products in a specialized K-Beauty corner in over 150 stores around Metro Manila. Watson’s is now the one-stop shop for everyone’s K-Beauty needs – from cleansing, pore solutions, masks and cosmetics! 
 K-Beauty Brands at Watson’s!
23years old
April Skin
Bling Some
Me Factory

Expect changes every quarter as Watson’s promises to offer noting but the best line up at K-Beauty!
Just sharing some of my favorites KBeauty products!
Dinoplatz Dear Brachiosaurus Oil Paper to the Sponge
Skin Liar Primer
Skin Food Lip and Cheek Tint
Banilla Co Zero It Makeup Remover
If you are too busy to check out the nearest Watson’s store, you can also shop online via

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