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Selfie Tips + Vivo V5 Plus Phone Launch

January 23, 2017
Vivo V5 Plus Phone Launch
Selfie Tips + Vivo V5 Plus Phone Launch
I have been doing “selfie” even before the term was coined when smartphones were introduced in this millennial era.

My friend #T and I have mastered the art of “selfie” using our digital camera. We have our very own “selfie pod” (aka) our arms that let us take better selfies especially when we are traveling. When friends failed to take the best frame (or put everyone in a frame), we are the designated person to take on the task – take the camera and take a welfie!
The selfie game has definitely changed when smartphones with front-view camera are introduced. Just last weekend, the most advanced selfie phone in the market was finally launched in a star-studded event in SM Mall of Asia Atrium. 

Say hello to Vivo V5 Plus – the world’s first 20mp dual front camera. 
Vivo V5 Plus Phone Launch

Vivo V5 Plus has the worlds first-ever dual front-facing camera! The primary front camera, a 20-megapixel IMX376 was co-engineered with top electronics company, Sony; while the secondy 8-megapixel camera was designed to collect depth-of-field information for more improved self-portrait quality. 
Remember the days when we get excited over digital cameras with 14 megapixel feature? Now, we are talking about a front-view camera with higher megapixels. 
The Vivo V5 Plus also features Bokeh effect, Face Beauty algorithm to make face more clearer (I felt like I was wearing makeup and heavy base!), and Selfie Soft Lighting for taking photos (perfect for concerts and date nights!)
Vivo V5 Plus boasts superior sound system using the same Hi-Fi systems of Vivo’s recent flagship models – the AK4376. It is equipped with 4GB RAM, 64 GB ROM and Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 processor. It has finger-print recognition technology with 5.5 inch display made of 5th generation Coring Gorilla glass. 
The Vivo V5 Plus Launch was attended by Vivo Executives, partners, local celebrities, bloggers and media friends. Singer KZ Tandingan and Pinoy Boyband superstars Tony Labrusca and James Ryan Cesena performed during the event. 
Vivo V5 Plus Phone Launch
These boys got moves!
Vivo V5 Plus Phone Launch
 Tony Labrusca 

Vivo V5 Plus Phone Launch
James Ryan Cesena

Vivo V5 Plus Phone Launch
First time to see her perform live and I was mesmerized
Vivo V5 Plus Phone Launch
Ending the event with a selfie!
Now that we have the perfect selfie phone, time to play and know the tricks:

How We Take Better Selfies?

1. Experiment with your angles. It is always good to know your angle. The one that always work is aiming the camera higher and doing a side pose – but it would be nice to get the camera closer to you 😀 
2. Natural, indirect light is your best friend. For dramatic selfies and photos (for your profile picture), try to shoot during the golden hour (that is 2 hours or an hour before sunset and an hour after sunrise ;))
Vivo V5 Plus Phone Launch
Thank you @rodelflordeliz for the photos!
3. Do something fun or take selfies at most unexpected time! Smartphones are great for taking a snap of moments we choose to live. When we don’t want anything too curated and we just want to document memories. That is why it is good to have a good smartphone for moments when we attend concert, bump into a celebrity or experienced something unusual. 
4. Play with your smartphone features. It is good to find time to play with your smartphone’s settings and features to know the best function to use on different occasion and lighting condition. I am always a victim of this because I don’t get the chance to explore new gadgets and I always end up using the AUTO function. 
4. Ask your friends to join in the fun! Just like good memories, photos and selfies are best shared with friends. True laughs, smiling eyes and wide grins give a more interesting story. In such cases, it is really perfect to have a good smartphone that can take these moments into an instagram-worthy post. 
Vivo V5 Plus Phone Launch
with Seph Cham, Sarah Tirona, Ana Gonzales and Trice Nagusara
Nice to see you guys!

Visit or check for more information about the Vivo V5 Plus. 

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