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Postcards from Intramuros (vivo Y73 sample photos)

March 18, 2022

I remember telling myself 2 years ago that once we are allowed to travel again, I would see more of Manila (my birthplace). The irony is, we oftentimes neglect places (things, and people), just because it is always there. There are so many things to discover about Manila, and even the old familiar places still capture my interest.

I revisited Intramuros and had a fun morning walking around the walled city. I have been to Intramuros numerous times and I still feel drawn to its century-old structures and buildings. I brought my new vivo Y73 which allowed me to take photos and create the best stories and memories. Sharing some of the photos below.

Casa Manila, Intramuros

Beautiful details

One of my favorite buildings in Intramuros

Bambike Intramuros

Open Library in Intramuros

What are you reading today?

Open Library to give and get books.

Ruth dela Cruz blogger

The Vivo Y73 is slim, light and unintimidating smartphone that I can carry around during travels or exploration. I really love that its casing is made of anti-fingerprint glass that keeps it from fingerprint smudges even if we used it several times for pointing and shooting interesting spots.

The Vivo Y73 captures the true colors of the scenes with the right adjustment of light to perfectly capture the subject, but it also has Style settings in Portrait Mode that give a different feel and mood to your photos depending on your preference. The 64 mp rear camera is so impressive that we were joking that it can even capture my sweat under the bright sun that morning. I wished to stay longer and catch the Manila sunset but we had to move. I am hopeful to play around with the AI Night Portrait soon. The battery life is powered with 4,000 mah, and a quick plug to the power bank can juice up the battery life.

I mostly use my Mirrorless Camera for travels, but lately, I enjoy taking just random snaps to document life using a smartphone. I love that Vivo Y73 can help me in creating the best stories for my work and personal collection.

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