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How She Creates Her Legacy #CreateLegacies

February 23, 2017
Everyday, I meet people who have an inspiring story to tell. Oftentimes, their stories move me, inspire me to be better, and/or challenge me. I don’t really have someone I can call my idol or icon. Probably because there is no one single person I would trade my life with. 
It is funny that when people ask me who my favorite blogger is, I don’t have a quick answer. For writers, I will be forever amazed with J.K Rowling. Her (and Harry Potter’s) story will forever live. But if there is any skill or talent I would rather have – it is the skill to create interesting designs and artwork. 

My friend Joan is gifted with such talent. She designs decors and graphic layout for parties and events. She helps create memories much more meaningful for other people (the way she did for my Harry Potter Themed Birthday party). I know how she works and dedicates her time to give the best in whatever she does – even if it means sleepless nights and sick mornings. I have never seen someone so dedicated and passionate about their craft. 
More than a designer, she is a friend. She knows how to listen, makes her presence felt (even if we don’t usually get to see each other often), and supports you – including, keeping your deepest darkest secret 😉 
I don’t know how she finds balance in being an entrepreneur, social media manager, daughter, aunt, a friend and responsible citizen. I guess, this is how one should live his/her life. This is how one creates a legacy.  Create a life beyond yourself.  #CreateLegacies. Watch out as Globe Platinum launches its new plan in the next few days. 
How we celebrate life 😛
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