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Tim Hortons Now in Manila Philippines: Photos, Prices, Menu, What to Order + Things You Might Want to Know

February 25, 2017
tim hortons manila philippines
Canada’s favorite cafe and bakeshop, Tim Hortons is now brewing in Manila. Tim Horton’s first store in the Philippines (and in Southeast Asia) located at the ground level of Uptown Mall in Bonifacio, Taguig will open its doors on February 28th, 4:00 pm. Everyone is excited – especially those who have visited Canada and have experienced a taste of French Vanilla, Double Double, Iced Capps and its baked goodies. We couldn’t wait to check in at Timmie’s!
tim hortons manila philippines
tim hortons manila philippines
My friend (part of my Canada squad!) tagged me on a post when the news first broke in the internet and it is nice that even friends from Canada are excited for the big news. I remember, 5 years ago, I once wished Tim Hortons would open a branch in Manila. When we visited Canada, a cup of Tim Horton’s coffee saved us from all sleepless nights and sleepy mornings. Tim Horton’s offers comparable prices and much more selection on baked goodies and sandwiches. It is a place to go to have a good cup of coffee and not “to be seen” 😀 
Bringing the iconic Canadian cafe in the Philippines is in partnership with TH Coffee Services Philippines Corporation. 
What can Filipinos expect from Tim Hortons first store in Manila?
Timbits, Double Double – a uniquely Canadian term for coffee done the Tim Horton’s way, Bagel BELT (bacon, egg omelet, lettuce and tomato), hot breakfast sandwiches, wraps, sandwiches and baked goodies. Tim Horton’s was founded in 1964 by Canadian Hockey Legend, Tim Horton. The brand has established itself as a part of Canada’s national identity, right next to hockey and maple syrup. 
We got to check out the first Tim Horton’s store at the press launch last February 24th. 
Here’s the Tim Horton’s Menu

tim hortons manila philippines menu
tim hortons manila philippines menu

I love that the prices are comparable to Philippine Coffee Shops.  Must-tries must be – the Double, Double (it is a brew with 2 servings of cream and 2 servings of sugar). Perfect for those who are in a hurry. There is also everyone’s favorite French Vanilla (small Php 100, regular Php 110, large Php 125). I find it a bit too sweet. It is just me, I want my coffee dark and bitter 😀  But I love the iced blended Iced Capp (small Php 115, regular Php 130, large Php 145)
tim hortons manila philippines menu
TimBits (each – Php 10, 10 pieces – Php 80, 20 pieces – Php 160, 50 pieces – Php 350)
I love that these are not too sweet. 
tim hortons manila philippines
(signature – Php 50 each, Php 255 for 6 pieces, Php 500 for 12 pieces; 
classic – Php 40 each, Php 200 for 6 pieces, Php 380 for 12 pieces)
Sour Cream Glazed please!!!
tim hortons manila philippines review
Muffins (Php 90 each) and Cookies (Php 50 each) 
tim hortons manila philippines review
What I love about Tim Horton’s is that the cafe also serves REAL food – breakfast and sandwiches. 
There are panini breads, sandwiches and wraps which comes in small and large servings. I recommend the Chipotle Chicken Wrap and the Italiano Grilled Bagel. 
There are also retail coffee and mug merchandise you can buy from the new Tim Horton’s Manila store!
tim hortons manila philippines review
I remember buying a cup as a souvenir and it comes with free coffee 😉 
tim hortons manila philippines review
New Barista Friends! I jokingly asked if there are still Tim Hortons  Philippines Job Openings Haha
I love the excitement of opening a new store! Congratulations Tim Horton’s PH Team! 

tim hortons manila philippines review
with Rodel Flordeliz, Earth Rullan and John Bueno

Visit Tim Hortons first store in the Philippines at the opening day, February 28th 4:00 pm and be the first customer to win a year supply of doughnut and coffee!

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