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Current Faves: Zen Zest Home & Aromatherapy Scents Collection

February 25, 2017
 Zen Zest Home & Aromatheraphy
Scents have such a powerful impact on my mood. The same way that I don’t feel like myself when I forget to wear a perfume. 
I love walking into a spa, hotel and stores that have such good scents that set the right mood – whether it is for relaxing my mind, uplifting the heart of energizing the body. 
I love talking about scents and home scents in this blog. Recently, I got introduced to the Zen Zest Home & Aromatherapy Collection. 

 Zen Zest Home & Aromatheraphy

It seems that I can now set a specific scent to every room in the house – as each one has different function. But let me tell you about my two favorite sprays first – the Kitchen Spray and the Cabinet Spray. 
 Kitchen is that one place in the house that has a major scent issues. I hate it when the house would smell like today’s lunch/ or dinner after cooking (especially after frying fish!). Thankfully, Zen Zest came up with a Kitchen Spray with not your usual scent. The Zen Zest Kitchen Spray (Php 300)  has a chocolate cappuccino scent. It is quite addicting. It now smells like it is always morning at home because of the sweet choco-cappuccino scent. I love that the scent stays for a while. 

I also love the new Zen Zest Cabinet Spray that I even use in my room 😉 The Cabinet Deodorizer (Php 300) helps linens smelling freshly laundered with its floral scent of peony, iris and fiesta blossoms. They are limited edition! I think I should start hoarding!

zen zest home
zen zest home
zen zest home
I also love spraying it in my bed. I used to use Zen Zest Room and Linen Fragrances; but since I now mostly use aerator, I try to be more economical 🙂 

For longer and more relaxing scents, the electric diffuser/humidifier (Php 1,500) is a must-have for every home. Zen Zest air purifier and diffusers can help clear the air and bring a luxe experience at home with just a few drops of Zen Zest Fragrance Oil  or  Fragrance Blends (Php 500 for 100 ml). 
 Zen Zest Home & Aromatheraphy
 Zen Zest Home & Aromatheraphy
 Zen Zest Home & Aromatheraphy

To Energize

I love waking up to a good scent. It always feels like a vacation in a luxe hotel or exotic resort. 

Grapefruit: fruity fragrance that stimulates the mind and body to fight mental and physical sluggishness. Perfect for Mondays. 
Ginger and Orange Blossm: sweet energizing blend that help overcome mental fatigue. Perfect for weekends. 
Green Tea and Verbana: improves mood and calms the mind for chill mornings. I can imagine using this on Sunday mornings. 
To Uplift

When it is not the aroma of good food or freshly brewed coffee that puts us on the mood, these scents would surely help us achieve our goals. 
Eucalyptus and Mint: refreshing fragrance boosts mood and energy to increase ability to concentrate.
Rose Petals: to help overcome stressful day. Well, we all know roses always save the day 😉
Orange and Musk: the scent brings pleasant thoughts to mind and eases away the day’s stresses. 
Help You Sleep

I don’t have problems with falling asleep. It is true that peace of mind is the best lullabye. But for better and relaxing sleep, Zen Zest has these relaxing scents:
Forrest Bamboo and Fresh Water Cucumber: help relieve stress and anxiety to induce a restful sleep. 
Iris and Freesia Blossom: eliminate strain and fatigue with comforting warmth.
French Lavander: powdery aroma that let you say goodbye to insomnia.
I really love the new Zen Zest Home and Aromatherapy Collection that I can add on my current home fragrances. I love that the new packaging is simpler and classic that I won’t mistaken them from personal care products. :p 
Scents really have an amazing power to transform. 
 Zen Zest Home & Aromatheraphy Vanilla Cupcakes
Hello, I am ready to face the world.
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