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I am Sorely Missing Uber

August 21, 2017
I am Sorely Missing Uber
I am sorely missing Uber. 
I am an Uber Baby since it was first launched in 2014. My friends would always tease me with my Uber promo code: “uberruthilicious”. I am lucky to be one of the few who got to try the service (Read my first experience here).  There was only Uber Black (which uses fancier cars) back then. It was a joy when Uber X was launched. 
Don’t get me wrong. I grew up riding public transportation. I have experienced riding a jeep, an FX (does anyone remember Cubao – Divisoria route?), LRT/MRT, and taxi. 

I share the same horror stories of riding a public transportation – from getting my hair smell like smoke and pollution, getting squeezed inside the train, getting weird looks from commuters because I am too “fashion” for MRT, getting catcalled (I usually ignore :p), and even riding taxi cabs infested with roaches! Yikes! 
I want to think I am still “lucky” that I didn’t get robbed during those times. I remember falling asleep (many times) in the cab because I was always too tired from managing a store (my first job), and working in night shift (my last corporate job).  
The saddest thing about living in the Philippines is that we are a free country, but we never really feel/enjoy the freedom. We always fear for our lives/safety whenever we are in the streets or outside our home. 
I am one of those who can spend extra to pay for convenience and safety. Back when there was no Uber and private car services, I would take taxi cab to and from work – even if it means spending most of my salary on transportation. Well, I still do 😀
When Uber was launched, I no longer considered riding a taxi cab. Uber provides convenience and safety – and quiet time when I needed it. Most often, even if I book with high surge I look at it as a deal for a “convenient, safe and reliable” service. I love that when I accepted the Uber pricing and book a car, it saves me from this scenario: hailing a cab, negotiating with taxi driver, and hearing their irrational rants about traffic
I know that the Uber driver would gladly pick me up and give me time to rest/work/relax/do my thing during the Uber ride.  Nowadays that people get more busier with so many things, spending productive hours during Uber ride/ or while stuck in traffic means everything. 
I remember those days whenever I would hail a cab and tell the driver my destination (I live in Tondo), I would always get rejected. I think it is worse than being friendzoned! The worst are those who would take me for an agreed price but would keep on ranting about traffic, etc, etc. 
Last week, I tried riding an MRT because my friend Rodel was running late for work and Grab Car pricing was so high. It was not the most convenient mode as I was squeezed and pushed even by women. I don’t think I could do it everyday. I salute all the men and women who can endure this. But I know we deserve something more. 
Oppo F3 I am Sorely Missing Uber
Last Saturday was a crazy night. It was raining hard and I couldn’t seem to book a Grab Car. It seemed that a lot of people were stranded. There were people who kept on hailing at taxi cabs in SM Mall of Asia, but not even one cab picked up a passenger. I didn’t even try because I no longer want to disappoint myself. My friend Rod told me to go with them. En route to Quezon City, I saw people who braved the bad weather and flood to get home.  It scared me to death. I was worried about their safety. I was worried about my safety. I am thankful that my friend dropped us off our houses that night. But how about tonight?

Read this story:

My friends would always tell me that I should drive my own car since I always pay alot for my transportation. But I still love the convenience that Uber is providing me – I can work, watch movies, do social media, or sleep – these things I can do during an Uber Ride. 
I hope the LTFRB can impose a different sanction that would not also punish the public. 
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I don’t know how would I ever survive the commute in the coming days. I sorely missed Uber. 
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