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How I Get My 8 Hours of Sleep + Setting the Mood for a Good Night Sleep

November 29, 2017
Uratex Premium Matressess

Sleep is luxury. I remember how my late aunt would tell us that when we get older, we wouldn’t have the time to get sleep – even if we want to. This was during our younger years when adults would ask kids to go on an afternoon nap. Thinking about it now, she was right.

I always make sure that I get my 8 hours of sleep everyday (even during those nights I was in a corporate and worked night shift). I know people who get used to only sleeping for 4 hours (and I cannot fathom how they get to function everyday). I wouldn’t trade a good sleep to a night out or party (although I did trade sleep to see more of London – that’s rare time).  😀

I always tell that the worse feeling in the world is not having your heart broken; but waking up early when you still need/want to sleep. 
It is comforting that the recent event hosted by Uratex, U&I held at Ronac Lifestyle Center supports my belief about a good sleep. 
The negative effects of lack of sleep
Personally, I feel that lack of sleep makes me easily irritable and impatient. But studies show that sleeping for less than the recommended hours also takes a toll on other body systems like memory retention, balance, high blood pressure, and immunity against diseases. 
It can be lethal, too, as stated by a review of studies saying that sleeping for less than 6 to 8 hours can increase the risk of early death by 12 percent. Other effects of lack of sleep are weight gain, and higher chances of getting heart diseases and diabetes. 
Every individual, regardless of profession should have an ideal 7 to 9 hours of sleep. After the first 4 hours of sleep, that is when the body makes its necessary repairs (so obviously 4 hours of sleep is never enough). 
Setting the Mood for a Good Night Sleep

Sharing with you some tips I learned from the event and rituals I do:

1. Use the alarm clock to remind you of the time to sleep (not the time to wake up). This is one thing that I have learned during the event. I hacked it by counting backwards from the time I need to wake up in the morning. Say, I need to wake up at 6, I make sure I got to bed at 10:00 pm. So that means, 9:00 pm is for Netflix time. 
2. Use Aroma Oils or Candles to calm the senses. I have my favorite scents in my room which I just use because I love my room to always smell fresh. But somehow I think these scents also help in relaxing my senses and set the mood for a good sleep.

Uratex Premium U&I Event

3.  Set the ambiance and dim the lights. The only rare times I get to sleep with light on is when I am really tired. But I always love it with dim lights. 
4. Avoid caffeine and anything with caffeine hours before your bed time. This means, no to coffee, black tea and chocolates. You can have them when you wake up the next morning.  😁

5. Have a night ritual – from your skin care to the things that you need to do on your social media; this would help condition your mind that your day is ending and it is time to go to bed.

6 Think happy thoughts. I am not the worrier type and I can shut down things that don’t need my immediate decision – so I think that helps me get a good sleep. 💤

7. Keep bed and bedsheets fresh and clean. That is the best thing about going to sleep – retiring to a fresh and comfortable bed.

Smart sleeping partners for better sleep

Uratex has been taking efforts to improve the sleeping routines of its users by improving its products through innovative sleep solutions. To reinforce their brand mission, Uratex Premium came up with its line of Orthopaedic Premium Mattresses which includes the Premium Touch, Senso Memory, and Orthocare collection. The product lineup is the sole collection in the country that bears the seal of approval of the Philippine Orthopaedic Association

The Premium Touch Collection is created to cleverly adjust to the body with help from its pocket spring system. These Smart Reflex springs respond to movements by cushioning the user, while resisting deformation even with constant use. Users can choose the firmness of their mattress from three models namely Sublime with body-molding Senso Memory foam and natural latex foam with two layers of pocket springs; Cozy Latex with natural latex foam; and Viscoluxe which comes with a memory foam. There is also the Premium Touch Romance mattress which features a cover suffused with ginseng, ylang-ylang, and cinnamon essences making it the ideal setting for amorous nights.  This got us all curious! Haha

Uratex Premium U&I Event
Uratex Premium U&I Event

The Senso Memory line, on the other hand, offers plush comfort and a special cooling quality that makes it perfect for people wanting to enjoy deep sleep during warmer temperatures. Created with high-quality Senso Memory foam and a Vital foam base, this collection is designed to comfortably cradle the body for better relaxation. The Senso Memory Ultima and the Ultima Plus offer enhanced cooling through heat-absorbing Hydragel beads incorporated in the memory foam. The Ultima Plus, in particular, has the Cooler knit fabric as mattress cover for an added cooling effect.The technology lowers the skin temperature by 2°C, to provide better comfort to its users. On the other hand, the Senso Memory Extra and Original mattresses use the Tencel fabric which aids regulate body temperature on top of mantaining the skin’s water balance.

Uratex Premium U&I Event

Uratex Premium U&I Event

Lastly, the Orthocare Collection, designed to offer relief to people dealing with aches and pains. The mattresses has a steady foam created to provide both balance and support, and a breathable Tencel fabric covering for a soft and cool top layer. Orthocare mattresses include Harmony, with natural latex and durable Vital foam to provide better air circulation; Symmetry, with a Therapoint foam that helps relieve pressure points; Balance, which comes with an Orthofirm foam for better back support; and their newest, the Biorytmic, which has 20 rejuvenating minerals that help promote energy and regulates the body’s biorhythm. The latter model is most ideal for sleepers who need help reducing their stress through better balance and concentration.

Trying to fall asleep, just like trying to fall for someone is one of the hardest things to do in life . 💕

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