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Bucketlist Places to Visit in France

December 19, 2017
Bucketlist Places to Visit in France
Millions of people go to France, which happens to be the most-visited country in the world. It is loaded with great touristic spots, gorgeous beaches and is world famous for its wines and cheese. 

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France is not just about grand fashion, magnificent art, and architecture. In fact, there is a lot more to the fantastic land where one can find flamingos, beaches and fairytale towns. So, don’t just limit your trip to those famous cities or the museums. As a visitor, you can discover hidden gems among those breathtaking mountains and the countryside.  As for lodging, there is a place for everyone that suits their budget and preference. You could travel as a backpacker to make a booking at one of those luxury catered ski chalets in France. The idea is to be comfortable and come back with some great memories. 
Bordeaux was named after the monk Emilion, who lived in the 8th century. The city requires no introduction, and you are likely to find some of the most ardent appreciators of wine addicts here. The wine economy of Bordeaux touches 14 billion euros each. So, make the most of wine tastings and winery tours. Later, you could explore the city of Bordeaux, which is simply incredible. You will fall in love with the beautiful architecture and buzzing food scene. The world’s largest reflective pool, Miroir d’Eau can be found here.  Arcachon Bay and the cannelé oysters are the main specialties here as well as a small delicious pastry the cannelé, that carries a slight vanilla flavor. 
Loire Valley 
Loire Valley is filled with castles and gardens. The royal Chateau of Chambord is the most prominent castle of the Renaissance that was built from 1519 to 1544. The magnificent chateau boasts of 440 rooms, 365 chimneys, and 63 stairways! The little chateaux of Azay-le-Rideau and Chenonceaux are the new sophisticated lifestyle of the Renaissance. Catch their reflection on the river. There is no doubt that the Valley presents shows the splendor of France at its best, what with the fairytale castles, lively cities along the banks of the Loire River along with the top-notch food. The Loire Valley is a Unesco World Heritage Site and throbs of French splendor, style, and gastronomy. France’s most extravagant fortresses can be found in the fertile river valley. 
Bucketlist Places to Visit in France
Photo by John Towner
Lake Annecy 
It is must to visit the Lake Annecy, with its clear blue waters. What makes it a bucket-list favorite are those thermal springs preserved by the Alpine peaks. It is an ideal spot for swimming or boating. The cleanest lake in Europe is great fun for families, couples or singles alike. One can enjoy diving, waterskiing, swimming, wakeboarding, and sailing. Explore those charming villages, such as Talloires, Veyrier, and Menthon St Bernard. Annecy town is the most appealing with its photogenic Palais de l’Isle, the lovers’ bridge, the Chateau d’Annecy and Pont des Amours. A cycle ride along the bike path from town to town and shop, eat and enjoy the ambiance. The fresh, clean water and the surrounding scenery of Lake Annecy attract many visitors all year round. 
Cévennes National Park 
Cévennes National Park is located mainly in the Lozère and Gard and has its administrative seat in Florac. The Cévennes country carries a strong cultural identity and is rich in history. Its mountains with green valleys offer some of the best walking experience in the region. It is here where you get to see unspoiled France at its best. Those spectacular gorges and valley are sure to take your breath away. The national park falls within three different regions- LanguedocRoussillon, Auvergne, and Rhone-Alpes. Several mountains and high plateau within the park include the Causse Méjean, Mont Aigoual, and Mont Lozère. 
When it comes to France, one of the favorite destinations among visitors is the Provence. Those lavender fields look unreal and are a dreamland for the photographers. Explore the olive groves and the small countryside villages such as Gordes which is perched on the foothills of the Vaucluse Plateau. Provence indeed sums up the essence of France with its beaches and cliff-top roads. Explore the goodies at the weekly market. The region is made for the explorers, and it is a great joy to go through the stunning variety of landscapes with ancient olive groves and fields of lavender. 
Bucketlist Places to Visit in France
Photo by Léonard Cotte on Unsplash

Alsace And the Christmas Markets 
Alsace region is indeed one of the most picturesque and beautiful parts of France. It is here where you get to experience the epic mix of French and German cuisine. Do not forget to taste some of the most delicious wines as you walk through the natural beauty of the land. Take the Alsace Wine Route and visit the fantastic medieval city, Strasbourg. Taste the traditional alsacian recipes such as the Manalas de Saint-Nicolas, pain d’épices or the Christstollen. 
Burgundy is a haven for the wine lovers.  You will love walking on its cobbled streets and exploring those copious boutiques. Enjoy looking and marveling at those countless decorative carvings at The Hospices de Beaune that surrounds a beautiful courtyard. There is a charity wine auction at the present-day museum. The area around Burgundy is perfect for leisurely bike rides as well as offers a brush with medieval history for the tourists. It is here where you are sure to come across France’s most gorgeous countryside. Feast your eyes on those dashingly handsome, medieval villages surrounded by mustard fields. 
Got any more places you want to add on the list? 

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