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December 19, 2017
Beach Born Witch Hazel Extract Review
I got new products from Beach Born and I brought them in my recent trips!
I love how the brand expanded from its first Sea Salt Hair Spray to other skin and beauty products that I didn’t know I would need in my life. The best thing – I can bring them anywhere – beach or not.

Beach Born Witch Hazel Extract

First on my new faves – the Beach Born Witch Hazel Extract Php 379

Beach Born Witch Hazel Extract Review
I have read several reviews on how this extract helps cure and dries pimple overnight. I brought it in my recent trip to Taipei in November (which is cold and rainy). Read my Taiwan Travel Blogs. I have this weird skin condition in which my skin dries when I am in a cold country. I tried to experiment with its potent extract and applied it on my skin. I am surprised that it helps soothes inflamation. This witch can cure!
Beach Born Witch Hazel Extract Review
Almost baring it all for Beach Born 🤩
Beach Born Witch Hazel Extract Review
Just one drop to cure 💧
Aloeha! Universal Balm Php 150
Here’s an addition to my ever growing collection of lip balms. Aloeha! Universal Balm applies smoothly on the lips to help minimize fine lines that age the lips. I love using it at night after using the Bam Balm (also from Beach Born!). I always love how “local” and “organic” its packaging appears.
Aloeha! Universal Balm Review
Aloeha! Universal Balm Review
Aloeha! Universal Balm ingredients are Beeswax, Shea Butter, VCO, Castor Oil, Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, Essential Oils.
 The best thing about the Aloeha! Universal Balm, it can also be used on lids and cheeks to give that instant glow, or as a lotion/moisturizer for elbows, knees and even cuticles.
It is truly universal, as I also let @rodelflordeliz use it. Men needs lips moisturizing too. 
Beach Born Sunset Spray Php 175
Styling my hair, strolling around and staying under the sun can be damaging to the hair.
Beach Born Sunset Spray Review
I rarely use hair-dryer to dry my hair 👩‍🦰
Here comes Beach Born Sunset Spray to the rescue. It is ultra-moisturizing detangler that protects hair from heat and sunlight. I spray it on damp towel-dried hair and let it air-dry giving my hair more manageable feel and protection. 
Beach Born Sunset Spray Review
I bring it with me for quick touch-ups 
Beach Born Sunset Spray Review
I know it is not the best practice but I let my hair air-dry to let it breathe. I use Beach Born Sunset Spray to protect my hair.
It helps restore luster of thee hair and eliminates frizz especially when under the sun for a long time.
Beach Born Bath and Body Oil Php 350
I sometimes use oil (usually Marula Oil) to moisturize my skin. I am very picky with the oil that I use because I don’t want anything sticky (especially when preparing to go to bed). I love Beach Born Bath and Body Oil which I mainly use to massage my temples when I am having migraine. I love its relaxing scent. They recommend that it is best applied after shower to look in the moisture. Next time, I would bring it to a massage session. I love how my skin feels smooth and silky when applying this oil.
Beach Born Products
Here are the other Beach Born products that are staying in my dresser and wash room, and I am excited to try:
Beach Born Products
Beach Born Healing Toner Php 150
Beach Born has so much magic in its brand that even came up with a Healing Toner (that sounds too wican for me!)  This clarifying toner fights off acne, shrinks pores, moisturizes, firms skin and gets rid of impurities for an over-all healthy glow! I am excited to use it.
It may also be used to set makeup or as a refreshing mist. Has anyone tried this?
Beach Born Witch Hazel Wash Php 227 
Crafted with Pure Witch Hazel which has been proven to shrink pores, control acne, reduce inflammations, prevent ingrown hairs, soothe hemorrhoids and heal rashes. It seems like it can cure every major skin problems. This product is next for me to try after finishing my usual skin care products. Do you guys have any feedback you want to share?
What are your travel essentials?
Check out for more products. 
Get a Beach Born Baggie for Php 1,500 worth of purchase. 
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