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Holidays with the (Big) Guys

December 19, 2017
Linden Suites Suite
All I wanted to do this Holiday Season is to stay in my bed, do movie marathon and have pizza. I am still far from that goal as I have a bazillion of things to do (and hey, we are counting down to the much-awaited trip!!! I wish I could tell you about it now). 
Anyway, the only good thing about all these things is that – I get to spend work/day/time with these guys. 
I wish I could articulate how I appreciate each and one of them. I cannot remember how we all became close to each other. I guess it is our love for throwing banters, exploring new places, eating good food and wearing match-y clothes. 

Linden Suites Suite
Edward Santos, Ruth dela Cruz and Gus Villa
Linden Suites Suite
Gus Villa, Rodel Fllordeliz, Rod Magaru and Ruth dela Cruz
And when I am with these guys, we have to match the size of the food that we order or serve to equate to their appetite. 
Linden Suites Suite
When you can’t cook 🤪
Cooking maybe a little too tiresome for quick get-togethers and parties. We want to focus our time and attention to bonding with family and friends. I recently got acquainted with Big Guys! Pizza! I remember ordering from Big Guys Pizza a few years ago when I was still working in a corporate. We love how it can serve x number of people during meetings, general assembly or new hire on-boarding. 
It is founded in 2010 and is the most-affordable big-sized Pizza in the Philippines! 
The 38-inch pie can feed up to 20 people and can share 70 slices! The best thing, it only costs less than Php 1,500!

BIg Guys Pizza Review
BIg Guys Pizza Review
BIg Guys Pizza Review

If you think that it is too big for you, you can order different sizes – 10, 15 or 20-inch pizza.
I would suggest that you order the Big Guy’s Specialty Pizza which is a big pie with 12 flavors divided into one 36” Pizza!

So you can just relax and enjoy the holidays.

Linden Suites Suite
Photos Taken in Linden Suites
Visit and follow @bigguyspizzaph for more information
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