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Current Fave: Locally PH Juices (Made with Uniquely Indigenous Local Flavors!)

December 2, 2017
 Locally PH Juice Review
Filipinos will always be funny and punny. I love how we still find the lighter side of things and how we play on words and come up with new phrases and terms that add to our everyday vocabulary. 
One local brand induced Pinoy Humor into its products to come up with delightful juices and promote responsible goodness while helping the indigenous and/or local producers in the country. Truly lovin’, Locally. 

I first got acquianted with the brand when we got invited to the NutriAsia JoyRide event and I instantly fell in love with its different flavors highlighting our very own local fruits. 
 Locally PH Juice Review
“There has been a resurgent advocacy promoting homegrown brands and products. The country has seen an increase in fairs selling local produce, restaurants featuring their own take on local dishes, local art and films being recognized, etc. Loving local is definitely in right now, and it’s a good thing because it enables us to support our own communities and promote Filipino pride, which is exactly what Locally is all about,” says Gretchen King, Group Product Manager – Locally
It was like attending a Filipino Fiesta during the official launch of Locally at Early Night? in The Fort Strip. 
 Locally PH Juice Review
 Locally PH Juice Review
We got served with puto bumbong, bibingka, taho, ice cream, lechon and other favorite Pinoy food, along with Locally Juices. 🍹
Truth be told, Locally is one of the few good juices I drink. I never liked anything too sweet, artificial and sugary 🤢 You would never see a juice mix at home!
Locally is everything good and Filipino. I love its packaging – from the glass bottle (that makes everything feel fresh especially when cold!), vibrant, quirky design (that looks too cute in the instagram feed!)to the punny texts. There’s even a Philippine map and a pinpoint to indicate where the fruit is harvested (how cool!!!).
 Locally PH Juice Review
 Locally PH Juice Review
 Locally PH Juice Review
 Locally PH Juice Review
Locally indigenous flavours: Mangosteen (Mangosteenie Miney Mo), Sineguelas (Save The Best for Sineguelast), Dalandan (You’ve Dalandan It Again), Tamarind (Tamarind My Bell), Guyabano (Guyabano-body But You), Calamansi (Calamansi’z The Day), Pomelo (Pomelong and Lasting Love), and Buco (Merci Buco 100% Coconut Water, Lychee, Buko Pandan).

Each of our flavours is created from natural, homegrown fruits sourced from different parts of the country — there’s the tamarind from Central and Southern Luzon, Mangosteen from Davao, and Calamansi from Isabela, among others. We aim to raise awareness and appreciation of our local produce, and in turn, support Filipino farmers and the farming community,” she added

You cannot miss these cute bottles the next time you visit your fave grocery or convenience store. Grab a lot! Locally PH Price Php 36.00 / bottle

I have yet to try all the flavors but I currently #livinlovinlocally the Tamarind flavor. 
How about you?

I didn’t get to take a lot of photos during the event (it was a fun event! they even asked me to play Pinoy Henyo ). Anyway, I hope you got the juice of this story!
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