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New Fave Travel Gadget: Sennheiser Headphones + Sennheiser Sound Heroes

April 17, 2018
Sennheiser Sound Heroes 20118 Winners

I guess I am lucky to be born with (not silver spoon) but headphones on my head. I grew up with Walkman and Discman. I remember seeing a photo of me wearing a headphone when I was less than 1 year old (ah, where is that photo?!)  But the music I grew up listening to was mostly influenced by what my siblings were listening to — and they are good music. Ah, the good old 90’s!

Just like learning new things, discovering new sounds and music is a fun journey. I do not confine myself with a specific genre, or sound, or artists; although, I have my favorites. I guess, whatever is pleasing to the ears and good for the soul at the moment may be included in my playlist.

Sennheiser Sound Heroes 20118 Winners
Here’s my current favorite Travel Accessory: the Sennheiser 4.20S with foldable headphones which makes it easy for storage especially when traveling. I usually use in-ear earphones but I love how this Sennheiser Headphones feel comfortable in my ears. I am in love with its classic and luxe design. 
Sennheiser Sound Heroes 20118 Winners

In other news, the leading German audio specialist, Sennheiser had just culminated the local leg of its four-month  Sennheiser Sound Heroes project, which followed a dozen audio creatives as they discovered  new sound experiences through Sennheiser products. Their journeys produced an insightful first  look at some interesting tech, covering areas such as 3D binaural recording (AMBEO Smart  Headset), mobile journalism (HandMic Digital), specialized audio for video (MKE 440), and many  others.

In the end, musician/DJ Dannie Farmer and lifestyle purveyor Deegee Razon bested a pool of 

talent that included singers/actors Khalil Ramos and Jay Gonzaga; DJ Jazmin Reyes; bloggers 
Cha Ocampo, Rhea Bue, Issa Pressman, and Ira Denise Oyco; filmmaker Maqui Castelo; MC 
Marga Bermudez; and concert photographer Magic Liwanag.  
Dannie and Deegee’s novel approach to the Sennheiser sound journey earned them a trip to 
Sennheiser’s German HQ and flagship store, where they will experience never before seen 
technology in the world of high-fidelity audio. They will be joined by Bryan Barcenas, the lucky 
winner of a raffle for Sennheiser customers. 
Locally, Sennheiser also launched the Sennheiser Sound Forum—a series of sustained 
educational initiatives in the field of audio technology. The inaugural edition, also held at the 
Nielson Tower, covered topics such as consumer trends, the gaming industry, and even 3D 
audio. More sessions are planned later this year, and they all take from Sennheiser’s decades of 
expertise in audio.

Sennheiser Sound Heroes 20118 Winners
Sennheiser Sound Heroes 20118 Winners

As a gift to the growing community of audio enthusiasts in the Philippines, Sennheiser also 
launched the Sennheiser Insider newsletter, which brings industry news, promotional discounts, 
and exclusive deals in the Philippines. All newly registered Sennheiser Insiders in the Philippines 
stand a chance to win a pair of Sennheiser CX 7.00BT wireless in-ear neckband headphones 
(worth PHP 9,490).
To introduce more people to the Sennheiser difference in sound, the brand also announced that 
it’s offering huge discounts on the popular HD 4.40BT (Down to PHP6,990 from original price of 
PHP9,490) and HD 4.50BTNC (Down to PHP 9,990 from PHP12,590) wireless headphones. 
Sennheiser Sound Heroes 20118 Winners
Sennheiser Sound Heroes 20118 Winners
 Sennheiser’s wide range of wired and wireless headphones are available in the Philippines from 
the following authorized Sennheiser retailers: Sennheiser Official Store on Lazada, Powermac 
Center, Egghead Audiohub, The Listening Room, RC Goldline, The A Shop, Techwarez, SM 
Appliance, Gadgets in Style, Classic Hi-Fi Audio, Digistore, Soundroom, Ambassador 
Appliances, Western Marketing, PC Express, E-Phone, E-Tab, E-Phone Plus, Samsung Gateway, 
Samsung Bridgeway, Odyssey Next, The White Box and Gizmo Central. 
The mobile journalism and audio for video microphones are available at: Aperture Trading 
Corporation, AVESCO Marketing Corporation, Channel International Enterprises Intune Pro 
Music Center, as well as the Sennheiser Official Store on Lazada. 

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