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6 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas to Make Her “Look Good, Feel Great”

May 5, 2018

6 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas to Make Her “Look Good, Feel Great”
I always wonder how moms do it.  Oftentimes I think that I wouldn’t be able to do such job. I knew many moms in my life – friends, sisters and my very own. Although I try to make everyday fun, light and special for her, she still needs a time or a day to enjoy her self.
Women have many definitions of the ideal girl without knowing that they are describing themselves. I am deeply touched by this video by Watsons.
Here are some of the exciting ways to make mom feel special – in any day:

1. Give your mom a homemade gift card for a foot and hand massage. It should be redeemable forever. I always give my mom a back rub before going to sleep. 
2. Put together a special basket for mom filled with beauty and wellness goodies such as facemasks, massage oil, a bottle of multivitamins and nail polish. Basically, the basket should include items your mother will enjoy. 
3. Give her gift cards from her favorite store. If she loves beauty, then she will enjoy shopping at Watsons. If it’s fashion she’s into, she will surely love the wide selection at The SM Store.
4. Write a letter or poem telling her why she is the best mom in the world and what makes her perfect. I haven’t tried this but I am always open to make her lambing.
5. Serve her breakfast in bed. If you can’t cook, slice some fruits and serve it with toast and butter on a beautiful plate. 
6. Take her out for dinner and a movie. Take note of what her favorite restaurant is and what movies she likes to watch.
Do you have other great ideas you want to share? 

To learn more about the video, visit the Watsons Philippines Facebook page and watsonsph on Instagram.

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