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Inflatable Air Track for Home

May 3, 2018
Inflatable Air Track for Home
I would like to think I am a very adventurous person. I jump (and fall) in every opportunity I get to try new things. I jumped off the plane, I crossed hanging bridges and even tried crazy slides in an inflatable island.

Although I love adventures and death-defying rides, I make sure that I only say yes to “experiences” that use only the safest and durable facilities.
One of my dreams is to have my own resort or island, where I can design my own adventure maze.  Aside from the pool, I want my own inflatable island. Exploring an inflatable island is such a good exercise for the body – improving once balance and flexibility. 
Inflatable Air Track for Home
Trying out the slide
You may find me crazy that as early as now, I am browsing through different sites and suppliers looking for inflatable tumble track.  I just want to stay focused on my goals and somehow, it keeps me motivated.  Most of the resorts that I have visited take pride on supplies and facilities that are from Airtrack Factory US. 
While researching about Inflatable Mats, I learned that aside from having a good, soft cushion,  it is important to get an inflatable tumble track that is portable and easy to store. Storage is very important for my goal to minimalism. 
Inflatable Air Track for Home
Inflatable Air Track
I came across this tumble air tracks that I thought I can buy now (even without my island yest). I thought I can use it for home entertainment or for exercise with friends or nieces/nephews Or maybe I can still pursue a wild dream to be a gymnast?
The site offers different colors of tumble air tracks that suite every personality, style or interior. I am leaning towards the blue one. Although the pink is cute and girly, and red looks more luxe, I can imagine the blue tumble air track blending in in our home. 

Inflatable Air Track for Home

I can sleep on it 
This sounds like a big investment, but if this would help me stay focused on my fitness goals, I am all for it. I am not currently enrolled to any gym membership or fitness class (my friends had been inviting me to join spinning classes), but I guess, a durable fitness equipment  that I could share with my friends and family is good investment. Besides, I missed  being a kid – carefree and ready to tumble.  

What do you guys think? 
Have you guys tried playing in a inflatable tumble track?

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