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Trying Out Surge At Home Online Workout Class

August 13, 2021

Regular exercising is one of the habits I was able to build during the pandemic. My personal goal is to be strong and to strengthen muscle. Since I am mostly sitting in front of my laptop, a quick daily exercise helps me clear my mind and stay productive.

I mostly just follow workout routines online. Sometimes, I interchange Barre and Yoga, but nothing really advanced or hard-core, I just want to make sure I keep my body moving. I recently discovered a newly launched Fitness and Lifestyle brand, Surge Fitness Studio that also offers Surge At Home.

Surge At Home offers guided workout classes via Zoom. They have 56 various fitness classes like Zumba, Yoga, Core, BootCamp, HIIT and even HipHop Dance Classes.

Surge’s lineup of fitness instructors include Coach Ina Sibug for Yoga, Coach BisMarc Naling for HipHop Dance, Coach Emil Khodaverdi for Surge Bootcamp, Coach John Cuay for Surge Core, Coach Gianna Llanes for Surge HIIT, and Coach Mark Kramer Pastrana, Prince Paltu-ob, Madelle Paltu-ob, Jay Danao, and Kristine Bonifacio for Zumba.

I wanted to get more serious on my Yoga workouts, and I tried the Yoga Class with Coach Ina.

The class started at exactly 10:00 AM, you have the option to turn off the camera (if you want to keep your privacy), but it is recommended to turn it on so the Coach can check your poses and guide you well on the routine.

As it is a Yoga class, I would say that the workout session is relaxed and intimate. Coach Ina’s approach is effective and clear, especially when explaining movements and poses (things we shouldn’t do while doing the pose, like not letting our neck hang during the Camel Pose,, or which body part should be feeling the stretch). I appreciate these tips, even reminding us to breathe properly and feel our body.

Group Photo after the Yoga Class

The class lasted for 1 hour, and Coach Ina is generous to give us quick 1-minute water breaks. I like that it helped me stay focused on the workout class and keep the momentum.

Although we can find similar workout videos online, I think it is the human connection that makes the Surge At Home workout a lot more engaging and effective for me. It is like being in an actual class in fitness center, yet you can still keep your privacy. It is nice to know that there are other fitness enthusiasts on the other end of the Zoom line working on their fitness goal.

After the session, I really felt the burn and stretch in different parts of my body/muscles that I wasn’t able to engage when doing my own workout sessions. I am looking forward to trying out the other classes.

How to Sign Up for Surge At Home Zoom Workout Classes

Simply sign up via the form:

Someone from the team will contact you regarding your registration and confirm payment details. Mode of payment is via bank transfer. For more information, you can check out Surge Facebook Page:

You will receive a Zoom link to log in to the Surge At Home Zoom Online Workout Session. It would be the same link that you can use to join the different classes.

Currently, the Surge At Home ‘s fee is Php 2,000 / month, but you can take advantage of the promo Php 1,000 / month (register by August 14, 2021). It is like paying for only Php 18 / class!

Excited to try the other classes and take advantage of these classes while staying at home.

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