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Instagram Giveaway #FollowRuthilicious + Why I Can’t Quit Blogging

May 15, 2018
Instagram Giveaway #FollowRuthilicious + Why I Can’t Quit Blogging 

Okay, so I don’t know how to start this entry. I have typed a few lines and deleted it – and pressed CTRL+ Z and deleted it again.

Let’s just say that, I have exciting new things that I am working on (I wish I could tell you about them now). There are changes, new goals and new dreams. While things may be exciting yet challenging, I sometimes feel that I wanted to just forget about being in the blogging industry. I oftentimes think of going some place where there is no need for me to take a photo of what is in front of me and tell people about my opinion on things. 
I try to find balance in the things I post online and share in my blog. But in times like this (when I need to express my feelings, my thoughts and my self – to make me feel better) this is when I go back to blogging.
… and I appreciate the thought that there are people  reading this text infront of them and completely understanding what I have in mind.  
The thought makes me happy. These people make me happy.
Maybe these things don’t make sense to you, but I need this space in my blog to talk about my feelings. 
On a lighter note, I am hosting an Instagram Giveaway! Yay!
I would want you guys to follow me @ruthilicious and check back on me from time to time. (Here’s the exciting part) when my following reaches 8,183 (it is just a random number I thought of!), take a screenshot of my profile showing that number of followers and send me a message via Instagram. 

Here is my profile and humble following: 

The first one to send me a screenshot showing 8,183 followers would receive this special Travel Gift Set. 

Travel Journal, London Passport Holder, Fly Shades and Ilford Black & White Camera + I will thrown in more goodies!
If you can help me reach that number of following sooner, that would be awesome. I promise to post meaningful photos,  maybe photos of me and the things that i love, a few sunsets, but mostly travel photos accompanied with fun captions. I may sometimes post about my hugot which I usually post under #NotHippieQuote hashtag.  💖
This is an on-going giveaway. I will add more exciting prizes as I reach new milestones. Maybe 10k following? 20k following?  
I just want to keep the community growing while I embark on a new journey. Join me? 
What contents do you want to see in my Instagram? 

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