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6 Guilty Pleasures that You Might Also Secretly Enjoy

July 17, 2018
Guilty Pleasures List Ideas Goya Dark Chocolate Ruth dela Cruz

Secret indulgences and guilty pleasures – we all have our guilty pleasures list. Simple things that we enjoy doing but we never talk about – they are not usually regarded as luxurious – but they make us happy and we enjoy doing them (secretly). Or maybe, they also appear in our Instagram Stories.

It is raining hard in Manila and I am stuck in my room. I thought I would share some of my guilty pleasures (just some because I am still keeping a little mystery about myself for my S.O.).
 Care to share yours too? Let’s compare notes!

Guilty Pleasures List Ideas Goya Dark Chocolate Ruth dela Cruz
1. Gift Certificate Day!
As a freelance writer and blogger, I usually receive payments for the work that I do in a form of gift certificate. Gift certificates from restaurants, shoe stores, retail stores, gadgets, etc – yes, I have them! During my errand days – or when I have free afternoon, I usually spend time in the mall using all the gift certificates and buying stuff that I need. It is like a Free Shopping Day! (but it is not really free because I worked to earn such compensation). 
I just like the thought of not spending cash and using credit card and going home with shopping bags.  😁😁😁
2. Eating All the Junk Food I Can Eat!

Depriving myself is not in my dictionary. When I want to eat something, I eat it. When I crave for something, I consume it until I could no longer take the sight of it. 
There are days when I would suddenly crave for pizza and/or bucket of chicken. I would then call Fast Food Delivery and just indulge. I can eat a whole pan of pizza by myself. Although, I have yet to try finishing a bucket of chicken.

Guilty Pleasures List Ideas Goya Dark Chocolate Ruth dela Cruz


I remember one time when I craved for Salted Egg Chips,  I bought packs of it and just ate them.  After that, I went back to my regular exercise routine. Basically, I am applying the Law of Diminishing Returns. 

3. Shopping Online (just because there’s a sale event!)
I try to be a responsible shopper and always think of the items I bring inside the house/my room/my closet (think: minimalist). However, I just cannot resist great finds from sale events – especially from favorite online shops. 
So yes, I still shop online. Never mind the international shipping fee and custom taxes. 
My latest purchases are shoes from one of my favorite shoe brands. In my defense, this brand doesn’t carry my size in the local stores. ✌️

Guilty Pleasures List Ideas Goya Dark Chocolate Ruth dela Cruz

4. Social Stalking!

When I get interested about someone (or just about anything), I research online and check his/her history and background. Sometimes I even watch interviews. Blame my previous work for this tracking skill.

 In my defense, it doesn’t only apply to the person I am interested in (romantically). When I get really interested about a movie or TV series, I research about the actors and watch their interviews. My most recent case is Matt Le Blanc (yes Joey Tribianni of F*R*I*E*N*D*S). After watching the full 10 Seasons of Friends, I concluded I really like his character.  🤩
How you doin’?

5. Sleeping in my Birthday Suit
Yes, I do. I love the idea of totally being free and comfortable.  Ladies would understand that there’s nirvana the moment you take off your bra after a long day. What more, if you are going to bed without anything that is hugging your skin.

Guilty Pleasures List Ideas Goya Dark Chocolate Ruth dela Cruz

But of course, it is a different story when I am traveling and sharing rooms with friend/s. 😲 
But my number one guilty pleasure, 
6. Eating Dark Chocolates!
We are never too old for chocolates. And while there are imported chocolate brands in the market, I still indulge in Goya Dark Chocolate. It has its rich dark chocolate flavor but is half the price of most brands. It is delicious, indulgent and comforting. Maybe, sinful. But we all deserve the good things in life. Bitter sweet is sometimes the only way to go. Do you agree?

Guilty Pleasures List Ideas Goya Dark Chocolate Ruth dela Cruz

For the fun part!

I partnered with Goya Chocolates to give away Gift Certificates
(so you can have a GC Day too!) 
and Goya Chocolates 
to one (1) lucky reader!

Guilty Pleasures List Ideas Goya Dark Chocolate

To win, join the giveaway I posted in my Facebook Page!

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