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Weekend Pampering

August 11, 2018
Weekend Pampering
Weekend Pampering 
When I started to let go of my corporate job and embraced the life of freelance content creator, it is the death of my weekend. 
It is true that I no longer dread Mondays and I can sleep until 10 in the morning, but the trade off  means working on weekends too. 
For someone who has a normal 9 to 5 job, or weekday-work, Saturdays and Sundays are usually dedicated to bonding with family, catching up with friends, or pampering one’s self. 
I try to do the same now and allot my weekends for pampering myself. I no longer want to be caught with chip nails, unruly hair and dry skin. 
It is timely that I got new favorite items to help me get back to my best-self:
Body Pampering Kit:
My Althea Korea 3rd Year Anniversary Haul
I got my birthday box from Althea! I actually got credits from the site as one of the #AltheaAngels and decided to get some items for pampering. 

My Althea Korea 3rd Year Anniversary Haul
from Php 1,600 to Php 420
I just want to get one in case I get breakouts and need immediate fix. I read a lot of good reviews about this product. 
Php 245
Even if it is already rainy season, I hate the feeling of warm scalp and I want to keep my hair and scalp fresh and clean. I hope this would do the tricks!
From Php 240 to Php 80
This is a two-in-one pad because the sides have different textures – a peeling pad and a cotton pad on the other side. Hopeful this would help eliminate dead skin cells. 
My Althea Korea 3rd Year Anniversary Haul
Php 260
I always have problems with my lips chapping and peeling. I used it and it feels so smooth and non-abrasive to the lips. I felt that my lips are smoother and not dry – even if I wore a matte lipstick the whole day. 
Php 381
I am in love with this product! I love its scent and unlike other body scrubs, the texture feels finer and smoother in my skin. 
Php 250
I am always so curious if this peeling mask works. So I will find out this weekend!
My Althea Korea 3rd Year Anniversary Haul

Hair Care at Home:
 Palmolive Expertique

Back in High School,  I remember using mayonnaise to condition my hair. That trick still works though, although I do not have that luxury of time to really re-condition my hair so it won’t smell like a salad dressing. 
 Palmolive Expertique Philippines
Thankfully, Palmolive sent me this package. I missed the event but they want me to try the products. That’s the sweetest!
Truth is, I am not a Palmolive Girl. But I am impressed to see such an innovative line from this brand. The set is complete with shampoo, conditioner, mask, serum and anti-fizz spray. 
 Palmolive Expertique Philippines
 The new Palmolive EXPERTIQUETM product line consists of three variants of shampoo and conditioner: REVITALISTE which is infused with activated KCS, Biotin and Hyaluronic for normal to dry hair to enhance hair vitality and natural movement; SMOOTHIQUE with activated KCS and Rare Oil Complex for frizzy, flyaway hair to align, tame, and add control to hair strands; and RESILIENTE, which has activated KCS and Arginine for damaged or over-treated hair to reconstruct and fortify hair against damage. 
The Palmolive Expertique also carries the Intensive Hair Mask that hydrates and helps restore strength and elasticity of dry, damaged hair; the  Beautifying Hair Oil which provides intense nutrition for enhanced shine and silkiness of hair; and the Anti-Frizz Serum that protects hair against frizz and flyaways. 
Nail Care Kit: Orly
I oftentimes do my nails at home especially if I do not have the time to go to nail salon. I once got addicted to Gel Polishes, but now going back to basics and classics. 
Orly Nail Polish Philippines
Orly Nail Polish Philippines
Orly Nail Polish Philippines
My current favorite is Orly.  Orly has created trendy nail lacquer shades that are vegan, cruelty-free, and free from harmful ingredients. The brand  offers a breathable nail polish as a 1-step system (no base on top) and a 13-free formula. I love that my nails don’t go yellowish and brittle even after wearing the colors for a long time.

Skin Nourishing Kit: Jergens 

I am guilty that whenever I am in a hurry, I skip a few pampering steps for body care. One of which is applying lotion.

A few months ago, I developed a really odd dry spots in my thigh. I consulted with my derma and she prescribed a special ointment that I need to apply before applying lotion.

Jergens Lotion Variants

There are only a few good lotion brands that I love. Thankfully, Jergens and our friends from Digify Marketing sent a kit that I can use to help me moisturize and take care of my skin. Jergens has recently celebrated its 100 years and I am so glad that aside from the Original Jergens variant, the set came with other variants perfect for different skin types. Jergens lotions now contain Hydralucence Technology, which aims to provide long lasting hydration for visibly improved complexion and skin texture. It also helps get rid of skin dullness and reflect light on the skin, to give you a healthy glow.

Cheers to Self Care
They may sound weird, but I oftentimes look forward to staying in  my room the whole day (as long as I have internet). 
I no longer worry about missing out on things or events (or travels). I am saving the rest of the world for someone (I guess). I am pretty much okay to just stay home and enjoy a good wine, watch documentaries on Netflix or share a conversation with friend. 
Freenet Promo
Anyway, if you are a FreeNet user, you get a chance to win prizes like Paymaya credits, GoPro Session and Yamaha SZ16 via the Dailygaya Raffle. Just download the FreeNet app and use it to start earning points. 
Book a Pampering Spa at Blue Water Day Spa
If you have an extra time or day, book a pampering session at Blue Water Day Spa. 
I am happy to know that there is a Blue Water Day Spa that is closer to home. I attended the opening of the Blue Water Day Spa in Banaue last August 9th, and I felt like I no longer want to leave the place and just stay in the Spa Theater. There are 2 spa theaters that can host 9 and 11 guests – perfect for intimate parties!
Blue Water Day Spa Banaue
BlueWater Day Spa started its dedication to cater beauty and wellness needs in the year 2005. It
offers an array of pampering services that include unique massages, non-invasive facial and body
treatments, waxing, hand and foot treatments, and even spa parties.
Blue Water Day Spa Banaue
The BlueWater Day Spa Banawe Branch  offers top of the line amenities as well as new
treatments such as Deep Tissue Massage and Oxygen Facial Therapy Machine Treatment.The spa is also surrounded by professional and hospitable staff who keep a serene and stress-fee ambiance all around.
Blue Water Day Spa Banaue
Check out these promos that you can avail until October 31, 2018! Foot Reflexology, Brazilian
Foot, Athlete, Deep Tissue, Swedish and Pregnancy Massage can now be availed of at only 499 pesos. Whilst, whole body scrubs such as Olive, Green Tea, Pomegranate and Botanical and Milk scrubs, are now offered at only 999 pesos.
I hope you find my list helpful for your weekend plans. 
I always think that it is important to take care of ourselves so we feel more confident in facing everyday battles and challenges. 
What are your suggested weekend pampering ideas? 
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