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Avon Fashions x Angel Locsin Bag Collection

September 29, 2018
Avon Fashions x Angel Locsin Bag Collection

Avon Fashions x Angel Locsin Bag Collection
What can an Angel not do? 
Angel Locsin once again showed us that she is not just a beautiful actress and an empowered woman, but also a creative individual who rise in every opportunity through the latest Avon Fashions x Angel Locsin Collection. 

Avon, who has been empowering women for over 40 years introduces a new bag collection that would help women achieve more in her life and style. 
The  Avon  Fashions  x  Angel  Locsin  Collection  bears  the  same  carpe  diem  attitude  that  makes  Angel  Locsin  such  an  icon  for  women.  I would describe the bag collection as classic, functional and stylish. Each bag represents what a woman Angel Locsin really is, a go-getter and always on top of everything. 
The  three  bags  were  inspired  by  three  very  distinct  facets  of  Angel  Locsin.  
Angel  Locsin  Everyday  Bag 
What of the things that Angel does best is managing her time and making the most in every opportunity. The  Angel  Locsin  Everyday  Bag  transforms  between  a  tote  and  a  sling,  in  a  classic  color  that  can  match  any  outfit.  It  has  an  adjustable  strap,  and  has  enough  room  to  cover  the  whole  day.  This  classy  yet  edgy  bag  goes  with  two  clear  pouches  perfect  to  keep  things  even  more  organized. 
Angel  Locsin  Sling  Bag
I admire artists who continuously hone their skills and venture on new field. Angel is exactly like that. From being an actress, to a talent show judge, Angel is flexible and versatile. Angel  Locsin  Sling  Bag  holds  all  her  essentials  in  a  stylish  little  package.  Its  three  compartments  make  it  easy  to  organize,  while  the  chic  red  leatherette  ensures  that  she’s  stylish,  wherever  the  shoot  may  take  her. 
Avon Fashions x Angel Locsin Bag Collection
Angel  Locsin  Backpack 
Angel wears many hat and is open to exploring new things – from visiting new  country,  learning  a  new  martial  art,  or  taking  part  in  various  efforts  for  the  community, Angel is living a spontaneous life! I wonder how she does it!  The  Angel  Locsin  Backpack  has  room  for  a  variety  of  activities,  and  keeps  her  hands  free  while  she’s  atit.  The  drawstring  closure  adjusts  to  every  situation,  and  the  zipped  pockets  keep  essentials  within  easy  reach.  It  even  comes  with  a  matching  wallet. 
Avon Fashions x Angel Locsin Bag Collection
Avon Fashions x Angel Locsin Bag Collection
Which of the Avon Fashions x Angel Locsin Bag Collection is your favorite? 
The new bag collection would be available this October. Call your Avon Lady or check out
Avon Fashions x Angel Locsin Bag Collection
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